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Monday, January 02, 2012

American Horror Story

Sick. Sick. Sick. This show is sick. And I am not exaggerating. It's like being on some hallucinogenic. Did you ever see Trainspotting? The scene with the baby crawling on the ceiling? That's what it's like watching an episode of this show. And I love it.

I first heard about this show last summer when I read about this show coming from the producers of Nip and Tuck, including Ryan Murphy, who is also responsible for Glee. All I needed to know is that it was a 'scary' show. I made sure to keep tabs on its start date so I could add it to my DVR.


The first episode I watched with the entire family. Tim kept telling me this was inappropriate for the kids. I sensed that but thought it was just the initial episode. I watched the next one without them and sure enough, Tim was right. NOT appropriate for kids. And I let my kids watch nearly anything...Tim is the censor of the family. I can't believe the stuff can be shown on FX.

But first, the opening credits...which are tell-tale signs of what the show has to offer:

American Horror Story - Opening Credits from darko on Vimeo.

Like the black rubber suit freak who has sex with the woman of the house. She thinks it's her husband. But it's noooooott....

Or the maid, Moira, who is played by Frances Conroy - who played in another of my favorites series, Six Feet Under.  The women see her as the older lady (the right picture) but the men see her as the younger version (on the left).

The younger version's maid outfit is something one would see in a Frederick's of Hollywood catalog. And let me say, it's a very pretty, sultry sight. Episode 7 "Open House" will show you what the young Moira can do. It is sick, sick, sick.

The premise of this series is that a family moves to this house in California, after having marital woes on the east coast. Ben (Dylan McDermott) and Vivian (Connie Britton) play the parents of Violet (breakout star Taissa Farmiga). Ben is a psychologist who we see in the first episode, getting caught cheating on Vivian with a much younger woman. Apparently, the move is to rebuild their marriage, their family.

However, this particular house has a sordid, tragic past. The viewers learn each horrific tragedy that happened in the home over the years, with the first few episodes. The house, in a humorous turn of one of the episodes, is on one of the gruesome hollywood horror tours and is dubbed "The Murder House", as Vivian watches them stop at her house with this announcement.

Over time, we (the viewer) learn that the house has some sort of 'magic' to it. It actually houses the ghosts/souls/spirits of those who died within the home. Who they are comes to fruition once one figures out what the house is all about. If you are reading this and you haven't seen the show, well, it's now spoiled for you. The thrill of learning about this show, the gist of it, the characters, is figuring out who is who, what is what, and how it came to be.

I love this show. I end up being the only one that watches it. The kids can't see it. Tim is confused by it, although seeing young Moira is not a turn-off for him. It's the ONLY show that doesn't scare me, but then it does. I've watched two episodes alone (one as I write) and both times have ended up a little freaked out about watching it alone.

The characters and acting is spot on. My favorite is Tate and Violet. Tate, who is the son of one of one of the most amazing, oddest character put on the screen, Constance.  She is played by Jessica Lange (one of my favorites!), who manages to make that role one sick and memorable one...but so is Tate. I have a crush on this sick mother-fucker. Despite all that he has done -like murdered and tortured a lot of people - watch the Rubber Man episode but be warned, it isn't for the faint of heart. And I don't mean by being scared to death; more along being repulsed.

I have two episodes left to watch; I'm watching the second-to-last one right now. I've wanted to blog about the show since the Halloween episodes. It's that good. It's nice to know that there are some sick mofo's out there that can think this shit up, to entertain the freaks like me.

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