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Sunday, December 04, 2011

What's My Background?

I get that question a lot. Actually, it's more like "What are you?"

But that's not what this is about. This post is about my background on my desktop. I saw an article about what your background image says about you and while I think those things are hokey, they are fun to read.

You can read more about their assessment of personality traits based on desktop backgrounds. But this one describes perfectly a select few people I work with. They will remain unnamed and even if they read this, they wouldn't think of themselves in this way. But those of us who work with them, they know who I'm talking about.

I do put family photos up occasionally but since my (work) laptop has windows 7, I love the themes that are available and tend to use those. I try to change them every month or so. And the phase I'm in are cityscapes, landscapes, which tend to include animals. Currently, my theme set is "Galapagos by Ryan Good", with the "Characters" sound set.

Now, my *browser* has a different background. I am a Chrome-user and I have had this as my background for a good while. I love the giggles I get when my laptop is hooked up to a projector at work. So far, no one 'gets it' so no major brownie points, or instant-bonding moments with co-workers.  If I could get a GoT as a windows 7 theme, I would be in heaven.


  1. So, what does it say about me that I don't think my background has EVER been anything other than the default Windows blue??? :)

  2. My wallpaper is a grayscale image of foggy cliffs, from the view of someone standing a few yards away from the edge.

    It means that I was feeling angsty and poetical at the time, but don't actually see it all that often so I haven't been bothered to change it. Plus, it's pretty. xD