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Thursday, December 29, 2011


My new year is starting off well with a new restaurant to try.  Doesn't the new year start December 26th? MiMi and I hit ShabaShabu for lunch yesterday, while CJ had a play-date with some old friends.

I've wanted to try this place out for a good long while, well, after it opened which was quite a few years ago. Just shows how much I get out...

It was pretty empty around lunch. We were greeted warmly and MiMi requested we sit at the sushi bar. There was only one other 'family' there: a couple with their toddler son. I am already impressed with them, bringing their kids to an ethnic, high-end restaurant. That takes 1) balls and b) they like ethnic food so they must be cool.

Our waitress was also very inviting, not stuffy, but very casually friendly. It didn't feel forced. We had cool water glasses: squared white porcelain tumbers, with a lemon wedge (I didn't even have to ask for lemon).

MiMi decided on her favorites California Roll and the Avocado Roll. I liked that they had a section on the sushi menu for just "Vegetable Rolls". I wasn't in the mood for sushi, so I didn't try something with eel. I had intended on hitting on some green curry, as I recently decided that I *do* like green curry...but once my eyes found the Pad Woonsen Chicken, I knew I was getting that...#3 (out of 4) spicy.

We started off with some Miso soup, again, one of my favorites. Surprisingly, MiMi didn't like it. I, on the other hand, loved it. Definitely a slight advantage over other miso soups and presented in a really nice shaped bowl. Wish I took a picture of it.

MiMi's sushi was first. A nice presentation with a lot of sushi for an 8 year old. She doesn't have the chopsticks down (not without effort) but I usually get handcramps using chopsticks (and only for sushi) so I told her not to worry about it. She used her fingers. Hey - I think it's the BEST way to eat sushi...

I tried a few with my cramped hand and they were quite delicious. Of course, it's difficult to go wrong with california rolls and they tend to taste identical across sushi bars (to me). But MiMi LOVED them and that's what counts.

My pad woonsen was also nicely presented. I wasn't used to such flair for lunch! The variation of this dish, as opposed to other places I've had it, was the big chunks of cabbage in it. I enjoyed it but I expect that sized cabbage in a stir fry vs. a noodle dish. Regardless, it was quite yummy. A couple pieces of the chicken were grisly, so I would have expected a better cut of the chicken (wow - I sound like a real food critic). I tend to be a bit more hokey about chicken, as there was a time period where I was repulsed by it. My, how times have changed...

My #3 spicy was just right. It wasn't as spicy as I anticipated and my friend Bob would have needed the #4, or one that wasn't actually advertised. We had plenty of food leftover, which made for a nice dinner for MiMi and I.

We ended the lunch date with Banana Katsu Ala Mode. I almost took a picture but 1) the dish looked pretty phallic and d) MiMi requested I stop with the pictures already.

It was a breaded and fried banana, between a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This presentation needs some work but the dish was good. Not great, as the breading was overbearing on the banana. I think using plantains might have worked better than a regular ole banana. But hey - what do I know? That  may have been what they used...but it didn't appear that way.

I definitely would go back. The restaurant itself is really a beautiful place. The staff was amazingly good. And the food was delicious. I would definitely want to try some of their sushi specialties, as well as some of the other Japanese and Thai dishes.

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