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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Random Philosophy

This morning I made a donut run with MiMi. In true drive-thru form for us, we had another glitch in the order. The essentials were met: a dozen donuts, a cheese croissant for me (oddly enough, I am not a donut eater) but missing was the Drunkaccino that I ordered for MiMi.

"Where's the Drunkaccino?" I asked, after getting everything but.

A look of confusion and panic -- there was a big line for morning donuts -- a check on the register and a "We didn't charge you for it" was my answer. I wasn't getting one unless I placed a new order for it. I wasn't going to hold everyone up behind me over their (not surprisingly) error. After all, I have coffee at home. I told MiMi I would make her coffee at home. At one point, after she continued to berate the crappy service ("We need a school for stupid people to do this job!"), she said "Yours will be better than anything they can make". "Wait until you drink it before you say that..." was my answer to that.

Anyway, this is how this conversation went:

Me: "There is nothing better than coffee with your donuts."

Her: "Except a million dollars."

Me: "Yes, a million dollars is definitely better than coffee and donuts."

Her: "Everything is better than dying."

Way to throw a deep thought into an inane conversation about crappy service.

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