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Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Bests of 2011

My annual "Best of" post. Let's see if I can remember all the things I wanted to write, that I've been 'writing' in my head...

Best Song: Hands down, one of the most overplayed song on the radio...still, I love it, love it, love it: Rolling in the Deep by Adele. While I don't care to listen to it as much as I used to, I still am not sick of it. Her other songs, like Someone Like You, I am not fond of *and* I am UP TO HERE with regard to hearing it AGAIN. But she has an amazing voice and this song is such a creative upbeat song, despite it being about being scorned.

And the remakes of it? People went crazy. Why? Because that song is just amazing.
Linkin Park I love how everyone sings along with him.
A co-worker sent me this one: Vasquez.
One of my favorites is one I heard from Mike's Top Five Downloads...a cappella by John Legend.

My favorite book of the year? Well, I read some amazing books this year. The Harry Potter series would have swept this one away had it not been for George R.R. Martin. Out of his amazing A Song of Ice and Fire series, I'd have to pick A Storm of Swords. A Storm of Swords is the third book in his series and contains one after another shocking developments that I never saw coming. It changed the entire perceived direction of the story-line...which takes huge kahunas and by god, that IS what Martin is good at.

Favorite Movie: I don't blog about all the movies I watch. I really should so I can remember. But I do remember this one: The Princess Bride.

I actually have seen this one a few times before. I knew a lot of people were obsessed with this movie and I just didn't get it. But, one day, while doing laundry, I decided to watch it again on one of my on-demand channels, to see yet again what the ado was all about.

And I was hooked. I loved it. Every fricking minute of it. It was hilarious and Inigo Montoya became one of my favorite heroes. Robin Wright, Cary Elwes, Andre the Giant? Superb and perfectly placed in each of their roles.

I loved it so much that when I found out that The Colony theaters was showing this for their Cool Classics series, I immediately blocked my calendar for it. Granted, I blocked my calendar about four months in advanced. December 21st, just a few days ago, was the date and all of us attended. The theater was FULL. I warned the family that, much like Tim does around The Shining, Tombstone, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Boys of Company C (which I haven't actually watched), people will be quoting the movie out loud. They did. They clapped. A lot. And they LOL'd. A lot. Me included.

Favorite Dining: I didn't do a whole lot of eating out at different places this year. I don't get much opportunity to do this as I'd like except during work and this year, me and some girlfriends hit Coquette. I had the Croque Madam, which is one of my favorites from La Farm Bakery. Our server was friendly and prompt and the food was delish.

Funniest Moment: This happens to be one of the most embarrassing moments but surprisingly, I do not flush with embarrassment when I think about this. Honestly. The one thing I wish I had at that moment was the ability to take a picture of myself because, my description in no way compares to the way I actually looked.

And that leads me to, the best damn gift I've ever received: my iPhone 4s. I have been smartphone-less for centuries. My obstinate mind-set made me believe I didn't need such a thing: a phone, a camera, and a PDA were enough for me. But the PDA was an itouch and when I can't get service to read my email, catch up on the news or worse, play Words with Friends, I felt cheated out of life's greatest pleasures. And then Tim buys one for me...leaves it in a bucket of KFC for me to find...and I have been walking on airs ever since. I love my iPhone. Love love love it. I would tell Siri this every day if I could remember, which my iPhone can help me do.

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  1. Princess Bride. <3
    That movie is perfect in every way.