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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Merry Christmas

Yeah. I said it. "C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S". I ain't afraid. But if you think I am writing to _defend_ the "christ" in christmas, you've come to the wrong place.

The word "Christmas" has never meant christ to me. It's the name of the holiday, like Halloween, or Turkey Day. "X-mas", "Happy Holiday", "Santa Day"...all the same to me. If anything, when I see or hear "put the christ back into christmas", I want to throw up. But I am not offended because, you know what? It doesn't change my perspective on the word or the meaning it has for me...which has NOTHING to do with the birth of christ, those magi and the manger.

Sacrilege, I know. Blasphemous even! I love it.

But even though I am not afraid to say Christmas, it doesn't mean that those who want to FORCE IT BACK into the vernacular still don't piss me off.  Lay off, inane christian fanaticals! I'm not telling you to take the christ your own thing with like-minded fools. Let me be.

But how can we when we have Fox-fucking-news to harbor on the conservative front? As promised, my Jon Stewart clips begin with that very subject:

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And coincidentally, I saw this article on CNN today about 'share your holiday experience' if you are a non-believer. Within that article is a link to research that shows a trend towards organized religion becoming extinct.

While I find that hard to believe, bearing how much this country seems to mix politics with conservative religious views, I am not totally lost on that idea. Most of my peers are non-believers, whether agnostic, atheist, or just march to the drum of their own beat (like me). If anything, most of my peers are SICK AND TIRED of religious-fanatics forcing their dribble down everyone's throats. And it's ironic that people like that - the obscenely-ignorant-religious-fools - are trying so hard to show how they are right and it's probably one of many (like logic and education) reasons that so many of us non-believers are turning away from organized religion.

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