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Monday, December 12, 2011

May I Take Your Order?

This is what I wanted from my trip to McDonald's today:
2 small strawberry-banana smoothies with whip cream
1 medium french fy
1 small mocha, milk, no whip cream.

CJ usually likes to have a smoothie before volleyball practice and sometimes, I grab a coffee. The last time I came to the Mickey D's that's on the way, I waited over 10 minutes for my coffee. I was in the fricking drive-thru parking space. And when I continued to wait, I fricking got _out_ of my car, went inside, and STILL had to wait to get my coffee.

Today MiMi was with me, hence the fries and extra smoothie.

I got to the drive thru order thingy.
McD: May I take your order?
Me: Yes. I would like two small, strawberry-banana smoothies with whip cream. A medium fry and a small mo...
McD: garble, garble garble, smoothie
Me: ?? Um. Can you repeat that?
McD: Two small berry smoothies. Will that be all?
Me: Actually, I want two small *strawberry-banana* smoothies. With whip cream.
McD: Do you want whip cream on those?
Me: !!!!! Yes, please.
McD: Anything else?
Me: Yes. A medium french fry.  ...  ...  ...  And a small hot, mocha coffee, with milk and no whip cream.
McD: A caramel mocha coffee. No whip cream.
Me: No, just a mocha please.
McD: Your total is blah blah blah.

When I pull up to the window, she asks me again "You want whip cream on those smoothies?" "yes" I say pleasantly.

When we get our stuff, I can see we have the fries, the coffee and the two smoothies with whip cream. Why is the whip cream important? Because McD's charges EXTRA for the whip cream. And I have purchased it before without it being on.

So I say: yay! At least they got it right and the machine isn't broken this time.

Once I get rolling, I drink my coffee. Hmmm...this tastes like peppermint. And sure enough, the label on my coffee has this label:


  1. OMG, this is cracking me up!! Which McDonald's? I had almost the identical experience today...

    Me: Hi, I'd like a small Diet Dr. Pepper, an apple pie, and a small strawberry shake.

    McD: Wait, did you say Diet Dr. Pepper?
    Me: yes

    McD: What kind of shake?
    Me: strawberry
    McD: What size shake?
    Me: small
    McD: There was something else you wanted, right?
    Me: yes, an apple pie
    McD: Would you like to try our cherry pie? It is a holiday special.
    Me: Oh yes, that sounds better. I'll have that instead.
    McD: OK, I have a small Diet Dr. Pepper, small strawberry shake, an apple pie, and a cherry pie
    Me: No, I wanted the cherry pie INSTEAD of the apple pie. No apple pie.

    Remarkably, we did get the correct items, but I couldn't believe how long it took to order THREE items!

    This was at High House and Cary Parkway. I had a similar experience there last week. I think today may be my last time going through their drive-through.

  2. I made the mistake of using greater than and less than symbols in that post. Oops. The screen initially said Diet Coke. The guy must have zero memory... not good for a drive-through order taker!

  3. My location is the Mickey D's off of Leesville, in North Raleigh.

    This does not even match the service I get at KFC off Duraleigh. One time, there was a special and they provided a gallon of coke in the special. They gave me this big jug and I asked for extra cups. "Nope. We don't do that."

    Another time, ordered original fried chicken. "We don't have any chicken right now. Come back in an hour or order something else."

    Actually, the "we don't have any fried chicken has happened to us at least three times".

    I have submitted complaints several times. Why do I go back, you ask? It's not because I want to. My kids love the chicken and I continue to believe service will improve. It has not.