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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Eve Before Christmas

After a big, homemade breakfast, we set off for Lake Lynn to walk our two fat asses (the twins, not Tim and I), and the rest of the crew for a walk around the lake.

My hope is to get one of the twins, perhaps Lucy, used to walking, then running, to have her as my running partner. She needs the exercise and she's manic, so she has energy to burn.

Ricky was not really in the running (pun intended) as a running partner because he is richly spoiled. He hates being outside for very long. He prefers to snuggle with anyone, preferably whatever is most uncomfortable for you, and if you take him for short walks in the 'hood, he will drag his four paws - or even resort to lying on the sidewalk in order for his human to pick him up and carry him. MOST of the time, we just drag him (gently but firmly).

Apparently, however, Lucy was the one that ran out of energy in the end and ended up being stubbornly slow while Ricky booked it in the end. Brenna, the third (and not fat) dog is a genuine pro at walking and running, so she was a "10" the whole time. Well, except when she was losing and I was running with Lucy, and Tim was running with Ricky. She howled, moaned, and attempted to drag an even more stubborn CJ, who found it hilarious to hear Brenna go nuts.

Lucy, as I have mentioned before, is a 'bad-ass'. She barked and growled at every passing dog. At one point, a doberman and its owner came over to sniff the twins. Tim warned the owner that Lucy will probably nip at his dog. "Oh that's OK" was what the owner got out before bad-ass went nipping at the dobie's face. "See." Was my reply.

Afterward, we headed to Target for christmas cookies, snacks, and pajamas. Ever since the first Christmas episode of Modern Family, we give each other pajamas on Christmas Eve, open them up, and wear them. So this year, we bought them on Christmas Eve, CJ wrapped them, and then we opened them up during the evening.

Tim has a boom lift rented out for the week for one of his jobs he's working on. So we all got a ride up in the thing. MiMi did pretty good - getting high up before she grabbed Tim and begged to go back down. CJ didn't get as high as MiMi and then, somehow, the gang ganged up on me to get in there too. I kept my mouth shut but kept a tight grip on Tim.
I'm sure it's stable, as Tim said, but not the kind of thing I would want to do everyday.

We enjoyed our new pajamas (although my shirt was itchy) and watched "A Christmas Story", which was awesome because it's one of my favorites and CJ seemed to enjoy it as much as I have. The fire burning in the fireplace was built by yours truly, ace firestarter.

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