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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Assholes of the Week

I have two Jon Stewart clips to share. These ended up being on one episode, back-to-back.

The first one is incredulous, to say the least. Yet another conservative religious body that forces their ignorance into the public eye. It just amazes me that people can be happy, seeing the world through such obscene glasses. Why do these type of people hate so much, all in the name of their god and family values? It just adds so much more intolerance on my part...I continue to just be disgusted by these sort. And they continue to feed into the very reason why I cannot stand anyone who feels the need to proclaim their "christian values". Hey - I am not pretending to believe in a god and feel like I am a good christian person that loves all. I don't love all. I despise with every bone in my body the hatred anyone has for people they don't agree with...especially blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, and gays.

If anyone in my family continues to read on, know this: my children are welcomed to be muslim, love a god, two gods or no gods, love a woman or a man, no matter what race or religion that person is. Of course, I would probably freak-the-fuck-out if that person ends up being a conservative christian. That, my friends, would be a major problem for me...but not in a way that I would disown my child. I feel pretty confident that this will not be the case as my children are being raised in a household much different from how me or Tim were brought up.  They don't HAVE to be anything (catholic or southern baptist or atheist). They ask questions, we answer and we tell them that one day, they will figure out for themselves what they want/need/have to believe in. And I think that is going to work out in my favor (i.e. NOT a christian conservative ignoramus).

The next clip is about the working poor. I could barely recover from the idiotic "let's-see-muslims-the-way-my-ignorant-mind-sees-them" segment, that The Daily Show throws me this:

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Newt Gingrich's Poverty Code
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My mouth dropped. My head continued to shake no in disbelief. And somewhere out there are millions of Americans who hear this fucked up dribble coming out of this fucker and agree with him. WHY? Why do you people think it is OK for you to feel this way about other people? Guess what? I know WHITE PEOPLE that are like you're stereotype of black people. And the white people that point out any of their viewed misgivings that black or hispanics have are USUALLY THE LAZY ONES WHO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR GOVERNMENT. The irony. The hypocrisy. Fuck you if you think like this. Fuck you and your mamma. Fuck you Newt Gingrich. Gods, Buddha, Allah help us all if he actually gets the republican nomination...


  1. Even after you told us about these last night, I'm still left speechless after actually watching them.
    Can we just span Newt Gingrich with links to Ezra's post about welfare? Can we, please? Because that's my go-to source when arguing against these people.

  2. wow. just wow.

  3. @elfarmy17 - I'm in with the spam!

    @houseofestrogen -'s incredulous that there are people in this world that feel this way, and follow people who feel this way...