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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me?

Earlier this week, $Bill sent Tim and I this email:
Do either of these plans appeal to you for Saturday?1.       Meet at Royal Bean and do the Art museum path2.       Meet at Crabtree and run the trails – I did a 4.5 mile loop this morning, it was really nice.
Tim said it was up to me, to which I replied:
I like either too. Crabtree would be best for me since I haven’t been running regularly and flat and slow would be preferred…
$Bill's reply:
Ok so 8AM at old reedy creek and black creek. We can do the 4.5 mile loop I did this morning. I’ll probably get there early and do 2-3 before you guys show up. I wouldn’t say it’s flat, but I’m sure it will be slow 
Ah. I read Crabtree as meeting at the mall and taking the "trails" that shoot out from the mall. It was an odd suggestion from $Bill, since the week before, we ran Shelley Lake, taking one of the paths that head out to the mall...

So I thought I had it all figured out. But apparently, I was still dinging out since I woke up this morning thinking that we would be meeting $Bill back at Shelley. Fortunately, I got ready earlier than usual and figured out that we were driving into Cary instead...just be feeling Tim's annoyance of me not being ready to go right away.

We make it just in time and I am trying to figure out how far I want to go. I start walking up the hill to start the firetruck trail when Tim and Bill go the opposite way. Oh. We are running _Black Creek_ trails. Hmm. I don't remember that being in the email...

I tell them that I am planning to go my own pace and that they could go their own way. Tim laughed and said something about keeping up with them or I'd get lost. Huh? Why would I get lost on Black Creek?

Then they both turned onto the TRAIL trails...the bike trails...the single-track, roots-and-leaves abound trails.

OHHHHHHHH! You meant THESE trails! I was totally clueless about where the hell we were running.  And then at some point, I asked how long "we" were planning to run. Apparently, and as you can see above, he already told us the entire plan...and I just never put it all together in my head.

But quite honestly, what a great run. There's nothing better than running. I miss it. I haven't been doing a lot of it. A nice looooonnng break. This may end up being the first year in a long time that I have not run, nor trained, for any race.

And while I'm not ecstatic about that, I am actually OK with it. I don't know if I'm ready to get back into the race game yet, but I am glad to get back out and do something.

There's something to be said to get up and go out for a four mile run (last week)...with only superficial running stints through the week (mainly, running with the girls during Girls on the Run).

And there's something to be smug about getting up and running in 28 degrees. The weather screenshot is from my iPhone just as Tim and I headed out to meet Bill for the run. And to top it off, I couldn't find my favorite fleece jacket to wear, that is more a security blanket for me with the cold vs. actually keeping me warm (but it does).

We warmed up fairly quickly so the cold didn't bother me. The run through Umstead woods was wonderful. This was only my second time doing this particular trail and I never did the more than a couple of miles. We passed by a couple of deer, I think one stag and two uni-cyclists. Man, I wish I had my phone so that I could take a picture of that for this post.

It certainly was far from flat...and Bill reminded me that it was slow. But it didn't feel slow. And Tim passed the test for actually caring about my well-being since I almost stumbled and he had immediately stopped (he was ahead of me) and turned around to help me. I didn't fall. I said I was fine. And I said that it was a Wow moment, to see him actually care about me.  To which he replied: I just didn't want you falling on me.

Here's the route. It's not quite as spectacular as the Apple logo the guy from Tokyo did, but I think I'll start posting these from now on.

 And our elevation:

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