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Sunday, November 13, 2011

What an Oxymoron

A gay republican. Or a black republican. Or better yet, Herman Cain. Seriously. WTF is that guy thinking? That he actually has a chance to clinch the republican nomination for president? OMG. It is stupefying to me. I don't think I will ever understand why any gay or minority would be a republican. That's like the boat washer trying to get into the Yacht Club, or a skinhead trying to join the black panthers, or...well, you get my drift. They may ACT like you are accepted. BUT YOU'RE NOT.

Whatever, whatever. The republicans can HAVE HIM. Before the sex scandal, he was a douche bag anyway. How do these people get any power? And continue to exploit it? It just makes me realize more and more how derogatory our political atmosphere has become. There are no true saints - yes, I know. Politician <> do-gooder. I am not that naive but come on, do we really have to accept that? It's fucking INSANE the shit that goes on right in front of our face and we do nothing.

I saw this clip awhile ago but I have to share it. It's just obnoxious and while his skin color is not white, the words coming out of his mouth is stereotypical.