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Saturday, November 05, 2011

My Mantra Experience

Tim and I thought we were going to have a date night when we had both girls slated to have sleepovers with their respective BFFs. A change of plans for MiMi had her with us for the evening, so we decided to eat out to help ease the pain of the changed plans. Our choice? Well, it was based on's big $3 buy for a coupon. A new place in downtown Raleigh: Mantra.

As you may know, MiMi is a vegetarian. Sometime earlier in the year, we introduced her to Indian cuisine, which she loved. So we decided to try this place out...because I, too, LOVE Indian food.

I attempted to make reservations, since their website had a spot (to opentable) to make a reservation. Well, that didn't work. But I thought: who in Raleigh would go to a upscale Indian place anyway?

Well, apparently, enough to make the hostess ask us if we had reservations...and when I said no, she made a very cute pouty face. I did mention that I tried but their website was not linking up with opentable...and I don't know if that did the trick, but she made an effort to find us a table for three.

Do I need to mention how absolutely cute, in a very sexy way, the hostess was? ArooooArooooArooo (emulate "Just Jess", aka Zooey Deschanel in New Girl checking out hot guys).

Well, it wouldn't have been very pretty if she had told me we could NOT be seated. But we were and we were lucky and not-biblically-but-aesthetically-blessed with another beaut, our waitress.

I started off with a Pomegranate Somras, which was so alcohol-filled that I was instantly tipsy before the first sip. Let me just say: they don't skimp on the booze and they make a mean drink. I was quite happy with the bartender...

We ordered pulao, daal mantra, garlic naan and a crab wrap. The food took a bit - not too long of a bit - but when it came, it was divine. Every bit and morsel was so delicious. MiMi enjoyed the pulao immensely, while I worked on the crab wrap, which was extremely spicy for an 8 year old who doesn't like spicy food (it was her choice on the menu).

The food was excellent, our waitress was 100%, the hostess was cute but definitely, her and the male white dude up at the front with her were a bit on the uppity side (at least she was hot; if he gave me any shit, there would have been a different review)...but the price is most definitely the "downtown Raleigh dining" price range. Regardless, MiMi seemed to enjoy it and I am happy to have her enjoy such ethnic food.

I would go back for the food but not the price...but maybe the pomegranate martini.

Mantra Indian Cuisine & Bar
116 N. West Street

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  1. We just bought a groupon for Mantra this week, and plan to try it out in the next week or two. I'm glad to hear it was tasty!