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Sunday, November 13, 2011

I am introducing a new type of post. Well, not exactly a new type but a new category for posts. A clip from The Daily Show. It may come weekly, or perhaps daily (I doubt it; I can't seem to get my daily blog posts in) but there will be a recurring theme of posting my favorite clips from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

The show is smart and hilarious. I watch it, when I wake up early enough (which isn't early, BTW), while I get ready for work in the AM. And there are clips that are just worth watching over and over again, as well as sharing with my limited viewership. 

This one is more on the poignant side. I thought about posting the Rick Perry bit but the show ended with this and I thought it would be apropos to emphasize this fucked up mess than Rick Perry's third agency he couldn't remember, so that we don't forget that there are other powers that take advantage of the system...and it's not just politicians.

Good riddance. Just a little too late...but better late than never.


  1. Sadly, yes. I read that the front page of the university's paper headlined with how embarrassed they were by these riots .