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Friday, November 25, 2011

Gobble! Gobble! Gobble!

We had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving this year. It was just us: me, Tim, the girls, the twins, Brenna and the cat.

With all the running around that Tim and I do every day, it was nice not to have to run anywhere. This year, I didn't even run the Turkey Trot. CJ was quite happy about not having to do that this year.

I did have to run out and get ingredients for stuffing. Somehow "we" missed getting those ingredients for Turkey Day. But thank god for commercialism: Food Lion was open.

CJ was busy in the kitchen after lunch, preparing our dessert: Mississippi Mud Pie. She claims that she made one of these before; I just didn't remember. But she is an amazing baker and cook. She takes after Tim and my mom and pretty much puts things together on her own. She can watch someone put together a recipe and make it (like in Home Ec at school), then come home and recreate it without a *written recipe*. Wow.  The part she does take after me is if it doesn't come out visually like she likes it, it's ruined. Well, I used to be like that when I was a young and up-and-coming cook but now, I'm like 'fuck it'.  Kids can do that to a person...

MiMi was not happy about seeing the turkey in the fridge. At one point, she exclaimed "how could you have this right in front of my face?" To which I thought: does she want to eat turkey this year? Are we going to let her throw her vegetarianism away NOW? But I realized, it had nothing to do with wanting the turkey; it was her fury of seeing a dead animal in the fridge.  She said to us, at one point during the day "I want tofurkey next year."

During dinner, MiMi wanted to talk about what we are thankful for. She even wrote it up, which was so adorable. It reminded me of ME as my dad would tell me that I wrote up thanksgiving prayers to read before we ate. Isn't that so sweet and ironic of me?

Anyway, she threw it away and I found it's a little dirty to say the least, but you can see what she wrote out: Family, Pets, Food, Shelter, Candy, Bed, Cookies, Soda, Clothes, TV, computer, stuffed animals, and toys. Ending with "Told at the Thanksgiving Table". :)

We went around a said things we were thankful for. In my list, I thanked George R. R. Martin for writing such fabulous books. I saw CJ roll her eyes. She's really not into him becoming her next dad...

CJ had been searching earlier in the week for Planes, Trains and Automobiles (PTA) to watch. She found Home for the Holidays, one of me and Tim's all-time favorite holiday movie. It was endearing to know that she was looking for it to watch as a family, as I thought she just tolerated watching this. We watched PTA last year and she remembered that as well, which also made me quite tickled that she wanted this to be a tradition.

Unfortunately, it was nowhere on U-verse. Not even on the On Demand movies to pay for. It wasn't on Netflix either. But fortunately, Tim's Xbox came to the rescue and the movie was available there. At one point before the movie, CJ said "Um. It's rated R...?" I was like 'yeah. that's weird.' And then as we approached one of the most hilarious scenes ever in the universe, I realized why it was rated R.

The evening ended early. We were all pretty tired; some more than others. Those are MiMi's feet hanging off the end of the couch. Her head is right next to Ricky, under the blanket.

And while I thoroughly enjoyed our thanksgiving here, I truly hope that next year, we'll make time to go back to our hilltop hideaway in the mountains.

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  1. Stick with Lance Armstrong. George RR Martin is not nearly as attractive, brilliant though he may be.