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Monday, October 17, 2011

You know nothing, Jon Snow

***Warning: subtle hints to the The Song of Ice and Fire that may be spoilers.***

It wasn’t Jon Snow that knew nothing. It was my family.   I am a bit behind in my blogging. But in relation to The Song of Ice and Fire, I am on A Storm of Swords. I owe a book review for A Clash of Kings.   I bring these books everywhere, in case I have a few minutes to read. Did I mention how I obsessed I am with these novels? This world? If I haven’t, my family knows. My language has turned a bit, um, medieval. My analogies always have something to with the events and characters in the Seven Kingdoms.  For instance, Tim was explaining to the girls what monks were: how they took a vow of celibacy. And I excitedly said “Much like the men of the Night’s Watch and the Kingsguard”. A groan from CJ, who really is troubled by my newfound language. I swear fealty to no one!  

Back to my book, A Storm of Swords.   Sunday, we were on our way to Ganyard Hill Farms for our annual pumpkin patch adventure. It’s about a 15 minute drive so I delved into the world of Westeros. I am nearly 3/4ths of the way through and if you have read through this novel, you will understand this story.  I am reading through Edmure’s wedding. I am definitely suspicious about all that is taking place (missing Frey’s throughout) and then? The most unbelievable events happen that change the face of the story. And there I am, in a car, with three people who have no idea of the magnitude that has just happened in my obsessed world.  

I am in disbelief. I want to talk about it but Tim, being a fan of the show, does not know anything other than what has appeared thus far on HBO…which is BOOK ONE.  I am on BOOK THREE! And none of this will ever be broadcast for years!!  

I thought about just spilling the beans, because he just wouldn’t remember by the time the third series airs. But it’s pretty significant that I doubt he could forget…especially the way I would have told it.  

So, alas, I am internalizing my shock. Reliving those significant moments I read in disbelief and horror. And continuing to elevate George R. R. Martin to a superhuman being. How in the world did he do this? I don’t care. I love him. I love Westeros. And I hate the Frey’s.


  1. I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW!!! I could not believe that part when i got to it! It was so like, nuh-UH!

    I am sooooo glad that you love the series so much. It is my absolute favorite and i have been obsessed with it for years! You make me laugh when you talk about how you use the westeros vernacular in conversation with your family.

    That scene is one of the most surprising scenes i have encountered in reading, ever. And it is so well done, going from Arya to Catelyn back to Arya, and you can just HEAR those fucking drums BOOM boom BOOM boom. So spooky. I bet they can do a good job of it when they finally get to it in the HBO series in a few years.

    George Martin IS superhuman. I am convinced. That he could do this is beyond my understanding. But he is such a great writer. And i won't give anything away, but there is a scene later that is the opposite, it is so hopeful and amazing and OHMYGODS in its awesomeness, that i had to stop reading and just float around the house for awhile reliving it in my head. He is THAT GOOD. I love him.

    May the Seven guide you and keep you. For the night is dark and full of terrors.

  2. Oh my goodness. I had just finished the cave scene when I saw your blog and had to read it..."You know nothing, Jon Snow" indeed! but I stopped reading your blog when I saw something about Edmure's wedding, because I wasn't that far. I am now. I have just read it. And the magnitude of what just happened...well, I won't spoil it for anyone else, but I have to put the book down and step away.
    But will you tell me why *no one* will ever listen to the direwolves?? Arg!