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Monday, October 24, 2011

A Horrific To-Do List

I love using best of lists to work off as a to-do list for entertainment. I am doing that with the 100-in-the-90s movie list; the Harry Potter challenge (list of the HP books); the National Book Foundation Challenge; as well as other book challenges I came upon. I am now adding another: the Boston Globe's Top 50 Scariest Movies of All Time.

I love scary movies. I grew up watching anything remotely scary. I still remember the B movies and Karen Black, who starred in many of those scary flicks in the 70s. One was called Trilogy of Terror and that movie scared the crap out of me...every time I watched it which was about a zillion times. The movie came out in 1975 but I probably watched it a few years later, so I was in the pre-teen age when I watched it. You can find excerpts of this movie on youtube. Look for scenes involving the "zuni doll".

The other movie that was a series of stories was a movie called Asylum from 1972. I didn't watch it until years later but another one that I watched over and over. My memory of the body parts wrapped in freezing paper was pretty freaky.

They didn't make the Boston Globe list.

But I watched many of the ones that did make the list. And the number one movie? The Thing was my all-time favorite movie for my entire teenage-d years and most of my young adulthood. Just last week we all watched it together so the girls could see what was one of my favorite movies ever. I thought it stood pretty well through time.

Overall, I have seen at least 29 of the 50 movies. I may have seen more but I didn't count some because I saw some of it (not the entire flick, like Alien) or I can't remember it (like The Changeling). But I hope to watch many of these again so I can write a brief write-up of it, especially now that my girls are watching them with me. The past few months they've endured The Descent, The Thing and we just spent the weekend helping Paranormal Activity 3 become the #1 movie blockbuster.

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