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Thursday, September 01, 2011

How Bad Do You Want It?

MiMi does this occasional thing where she has a pen, pencil, stick, whatever has a pointy end, and she pokes me with it.

"Did that hurt?"

No, I would answer. Then she would poke me again either harder or longer.

"Did _that_ hurt?"

"No. But are you trying to hurt me?"

This is an analogy to what the whole hurricane Irene media fiasco: did you really want this hurricane to be as bad as you were thinking it should be?  I mean, it was bad. But it wasn't bad enough? WTF did you want? Another Katrina? A disaster as bad as the Japanese and Indonesian tsunami?

Well you know what? It _was_ a bad hurricane. Thank buddha that we didn't have 100s of thousands of death for it but perhaps it's because, gasp, the media and the states did a good job of warning people of the impending danger.

But instead...I see an article on CNN about why 'this hurricane missed its mark' or on twitter, tweets from random people about how "underwhelming" this hurricane is.

Really? I was miles away from the storm and the wind and rain was scary to me. I had a big ass branch sheared off a big ass tree, along with a lot of other big ass branches on other big ass trees. Did I mention: I was MILES AWAY from the fucking hurricane and I still  had some damage?

I wonder how underwhelming this couple felt about Irene:

Meekins said she and her husband stayed in their 6,000-square foot home to ride out Irene, but around 8:30 p.m. Saturday, she saw flames encircling the home.
"We just ran out of the house, down three flights of steps, as quickly as we could run," Meekins said.
Once outside, she said whipping winds and deep, rushing water made it difficult to stay upright.
"The wind was blowing so hard and we were kind of holding on to each other. I held on to my husband's hand so I wouldn't go under, but (with) the wind, my feet weren't touching the pavement, I can tell you that," she said.
Suddenly, in the darkness, she felt the hands of her neighbors, who had braved the storm to bring the couple life jackets.
"We had friends staying next door that saved our lives," she said.
They swam to a neighboring development, frightened, but trying to stay calm, Meekins said.
"I was praying. I said, 'Oh God, please spare our lives, please spare our lives,' and about time, we saw a light," she said.

Or the friends and family of the  42 individuals who lost their lives as a result of the storm.

Or the flooding in Vermont. The picture on the left is from this article. That sure doesn't look NOT disastrous to me.

And I'm not sure that anyone can watch this video without feeling a lot of sadness. My eyes watered watching this. The sounds of the people watching it is even worse:

So fuck you media, people, who wanted a more catastrophic outcome to this. Haven't you seen enough of it? Or is that what the expectation is now? I sure the fuck am glad I don't feel the same way.

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