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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Don't Cry On My Shoulder

Growing old sucks.

My body starts breaking down. I need that 100,000 mile tune-up.

I have been experiencing pretty intense shoulder pain for several months. Have I seen the doc about it? No. Well, I saw a doc about the other shit going on with me earlier in the year. Remember those stroke-like things I had before? That's what I wanted to deal with then; I'll tackle the shoulder pain at another TBD day.

So while I waited for me to decide when a good time was to go back to the doctor for my shoulder, I suffered.

Every morning for the past few months, I start off with sun salutations, push-ups and sit-ups. The sit-ups don't seem to do much for me except give me hope that one day there will be a pay-off. However, my sun salutations give me tranquility (no bullshit) and my push-ups keep my arms toned.

If you are familiar with sun salutations, the first thing one does is raise their arms over their head. I can't do those without wincing in pain when my left arm goes about 30 degrees from my side on its way up. I still do it but it's very painful. Planks are also do-able and not as painful as doing the hand-over-my-head thing and then going down to cobra is also not so bad. But the end of a sun salutation, as many of you know, requires another hand-over-the-head move.

Sit-ups are nothing. No shoulder movement involved there.

Push-ups are another story. Yoga push-ups seem to be OK for my shoulder but once those arms are set out wider for a traditional push-up, extreme pain when I go down for the first one. After that, I grit my teeth and get the next few in without extreme pain; just pain.

I almost always notice the pain. It's gotten worse. And the worst hit me yesterday, during my amazing-and-yet-embarrassing yoga practice. One of the advanced flows put us in a side plank. Right side first? No problem. Left side? I collapsed. My shoulder could not physically hold me up. And actually, that pose came towards the end of the practice, after many hand-over-the-head poses, planks, half moons (which requires one to hold their body up on one leg and one arm), plus all the warrior poses - especially warrior 3, which also requires one arm and one leg to hold the pose. My shoulder was gone.  I still feel it today as I write this.

On top of that, my right index finger has been "sprained" or broken and now healing over. I never realized how much an index finger takes on in every day life. Want to put sneakers on? You know I use my index finger to slip the end of my sneaks onto the back of my foot. Can't do that anymore. Have to use my left then find out that my shoulder hurts. So I'm screwed either way.

I *will* be seeing a doctor.  Soon.  It's closer to a real determined date vs. the TBD time.

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