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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Another Die MFer Die Candidate...

This is not going to be a good story. But it actually happened.

I got a call today at about 3PM. I recognized the number.

"Hi. This is the principal of MiMi's school. I have to tell you about an incident that happened to her and a couple of her friends today."

Uh-oh. What did MiMi do? What kind of drama did her and gal pals get into? I couldn't believe that two weeks into school, I was going to have to set MiMi straight with her and her elementary school drama.

Instead, I got "The girls were walking around the track today when a white van pulled up by the fence. It was on the outside of the school but the person got out and exposed himself to the girls."


It was the last thing I ever expected to hear.

I then detected the frantic-ness in the voice I heard over the phone.

Did they catch him? I asked. No but the police are on their way.

How did MiMi react?  The girls all thought it was gross.

She explained it further that, not only did the man expose himself to the girls, but he fondled himself.

Oh god. WTF. A sicko so close to a fricking elementary school?

She then stated that the police were on their way and that she thought that they may want to talk to the girls. Of course! I thought. And she then said "If you want to be here when they talk to her..."

I told her I'd be calling Tim but I was comfortable with her being there for her. I called Tim, explained the situation during my walk to another building for another meeting...and then, I swear to god, about 15 minutes later, I got a text message during my meeting that Tim was at the school, waiting to talk the principal. How the hell did he get there so fast? I was thrilled.

We talked to MiMi about it this evening. This was disturbing to hear an eight year old's view of what she had seen. It's funny but not really. So here it goes:

She explained that she and her two girl friends were walking around the track at school. They noticed a van pull up right next to the fence near the track. She said a guy rolled down his window, opened the door, then dropped his pants. He started tapping his thing and the girls just screamed and ran away. She said she looked back and he was still just tapping his thing. They told the teacher, who quickly got all the kids into the school, then went to the principal's office to report what they had seen.

Sick. Sick. Sick. And MiMi, fortunately, doesn't realize the half of what sick means. I don't believe she'll be terribly traumatized because I don't think she understands it, other than all the adults have become a bit tense about it...which probably has freaked her out more than the actual event. But that's OK. She needs to know that it *is* serious and that a normal, not-dangerous person would ever do such a thing.

Our school is right by our neighborhood. MiMi, and before her, CJ, can walk home from school. The idea that someone that sick is at a fucking SCHOOL, let alone my NEIGHBORHOOD, is say the least.  I'm not sure that an idiotic sicko of that magnitude would survive the wrath of Tim...or worse, the wrath of stay-at-home-mom's-on-the-watch. It's just too bad he wasn't bold enough to do that shit in front of them.


  1. I'm so sorry, Cindy. The EXACT same thing happened to me in kindergarten. I can tell you from my personal experience that Mimi will not be scarred and probably did NOT understand the half of it, but she WILL remember it. I remember my experience vividly, and I was five. We were on the kindergarten playground, playing near a fence that had honeysuckle vine all over it, so you couldn't see through the fence very well. We were playing on a raised platform area, so we were high enough that we could see over the fence easily, but the teachers couldn't really see over it from where they were. A man drove up in a blue sedan (see... I really remember this stuff!). He started talked to us, pulled out his wang, and as I described it, "peed in the car". As an adult looking back, I'm pretty confident it wasn't pee. As kindergarteners, I think we were more naive than Mimi. I do not remember us running away like she did (good girl!). We just sort of looked at him like "Why is he peeing in his car?" Somebody must have gone to get the teacher because as soon as she came over, he drove off. We all had to go to the principal's office and talk to the police. The one thing that really stuck in my head was that the guy didn't have a license plate on his car. For some reason, I felt like that was what he had done wrong. I can remember really stressing that to the police. I guess I figured "peeing" in your car was just gross, but I knew that not having a license plate was illegal!

    I'm REALLY sorry that happened to Mimi. I would be a complete wreck if that happened to one of my girls. I'm glad Mimi doesn't realize how sick it is, but I'm also glad you're making sure she knows how NOT OK that is, and how she did the right thing to run away.

    Big hugs to you, Mama! I know you are more traumatized by this than she was. I've always wondered how my mom felt when she got that call.. probably just like you did.

  2. This is completely nuts! Melisa Turner wrote on FB that something similar had happened to her too. Isn't this a horrible world that two dear friends would have had this happen to them too? It just seems to raise the statistical possibility. I was completely caught off guard. I have to say how proud I was of the girls for screaming and running away and going straight to the teacher. I was impressed they didn't panic, laugh, fluff it off, or anything. It's like we all have an inherit ability to know when something is wrong. And I was impressed with the principal, who admitted with her anxious voice that she had never experienced something like this ever. Tim said when he got to the school, the WCPSS security "person" was there, plus the cop.

    CJ said something to Mimi like "wow, you had to talk to the cops" to which mimi corrected her with "cop...i spoke to a cop"...just one. :) I think she was most excited by that, as well as the attention that her big sister gave to her, questioning her about every single detail.

  3. Ugh. What a creep. Who are these people? Who gets their jollies this way? Nothing like that ever happened to me, thankfully.

    I asked my psychiatrist friend "what goes wrong with these people? Why do they do this?" She says "Feelings of inadequacy, immaturity, and possiblity of history of sexual abuse in the past"

    Happy to hear that Mimi isn't traumatized. I hope she continues to deal with it ok.


  4. I guess I figured the statistical probability was pretty high. It has happened to me once in elementary, once in college, and once in grad school. :(

  5. @Audrey: I think Mimi is enjoying the spotlight. But I think she is also realizing how serious it was...probably befuddled.

    @Ann YUCK. While I haven't had flashers, I have had my share of yucky and that makes me think you are right. :(