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Friday, September 02, 2011

An Amazing Practice

I had a great Yoga Flow practice today. I even told the instructor “That was an amazing practice!” She looked at me with a strange admiration and a hesitant “Thank you.” I thought I must look thoroughly purified from the class and how much she appreciated my sentiment.

The class was difficult: a lot of half moon and warrior three poses. It was fast paced. I was so worried about my mascara running, as I decided to come to work with a little bit of “color” (make-up), which I normally don’t do. But you know, with the new “do”, I feel risqué.

I was shaking in most of my poses. I was just dripping sweat everywhere and since I didn’t put my “do” in a ponytail, my hair would just be stuck to my face. I was definitely in the moment.

So I had to share with the instructor how much I loved it. Then I chatted with my friend Nancy: talked about her kids, running, the incident at MiMi’s school yesterday. I was just slowly walking around, taking my time, enjoying my free time after yoga.

I got to the locker room, talked more with my friend, changed clothes, then finally made it to the mirror. Holy shit. My mascara was fine but my lipstick had smeared all around my lips so that it looked like I had the biggest lips in the world, or a clown's face, or worse, like Bettie Davis from What Ever Happened to Baby Jane. No wonder I had such odd looks on people’s faces when I was talking to them! Was I embarrassed? Yes. But only a little bit. If anything, I was more thrilled that I had a funny blog post to write. The image I have of myself, sitting so “pretty” on my yoga mat, patting myself on the back at telling the instructor at how fabulous the class was…and the thought of what went through her head, once she saw me and my ridiculous face…truly worth the eety-beety bit of embarrassment I had.

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