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Monday, August 15, 2011

Workout Partner

Today is a significant day for me: I went to the gym with CJ. My little baby is now working out on actual gym equipment!!

My workplace offers a teen weight training program for teens 13 and up. Last weekend was her orientation so she is now eligible to use the gym equipment and racquetball rooms. She's been asking me to take her for about a week and despite the fact that I got home about 5:30, I decided I was going to make it work today. The hours are limited for teen training: only 6:30-7:30.

We made it about 6:45. We spent a good 5 minutes trying to get my old running iPod around her arm (vs. the original choice of using my iTouch...but without an armband)...but her arm is tiny so it wouldn't stay on. So guess which one she ended up using?

Then we spent 10 minutes looking for her Teen Training card and bracelet she is supposed to wear while she's in the gym. I think the orientation told her where it was but because she's only 13, she had no idea (in one ear, out the other?). So I shuffled through three different places, looking for her card and finally asked the front desk, to which we discovered they keep those cards _there_.

Finally, we get to start...I hit the treadmill, she hits one...on the other end of the cardio room. I hit the weight room and I see an old friend who says he cannot BELIEVE this is my daughter...he remembers seeing her >this high<. I know, right? And now we are working out together!  He said, you know how I know she's your daughter? And I'm thinking he's going to tell me because she looks so much like me, as most people say. But instead he said: because she was on one end of the room and you were on the other. :)

I was so tickled watching her do her exercises. I kept sneaking peeks at her. It's pretty pretty cool *and* I got my weight workout in. :)

Afterward, we went to the racquetball room and played a bit of wallyball/volleyball. I reserved the room for Wednesday when we'll be back. :)

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