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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where Were You?

Photo of East Coast Earthquake Devastation
Yes, twitter and Facebook was abuzz about the "big" earthquake on the East Coast. But you know what? It was big. Not big as in massive but big in the fact that, who the fuck thinks an earthquake would ever hit Cary, North Carolina?

I was in an observation room with three other people, observing someone in another room go through a usability test. And then a low grumble sound is heard and the ground starts shaking. It feels and sounds like a big dolly with equipment on it going by the door. So for the first few initial seconds, no one reacts. But when the shaking and grumbling never ends? I look at my three cohorts and say "I think we are having an earthquake." And even as I said it, I thought how stupid I was to utter it out loud, as one person says "nooooo..." We hear the participant through the video feed say something like "I don't know why the floor is shaking..." and it becomes the first clue that this wasn't as isolated as we might have thought. It didn't take too long afterward to figure out (thank-you-twitter-for-providing-first-hand-accounts-before-the-news-ever-will) that we had experienced an amazing phenomenon.

So mock us if you must, you people who think we are making a big deal out of an earthquake. It's pretty wild and a thrill because, well, quite honestly, I survived; we all survived. We can all look back and laugh at the oddity of it but it *is* one of the oddest things that nature could have thrown this way...and as I read a status update on FB, it *is* eerie that Colorado just happened to also have a significant earthquake on the same day. 


  1. I didn't feel it! My mom did, though, and she was only maybe 50 feet away from me. Weird.