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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Tuesday, we all went to the Ke$ha concert at Raleigh Amphitheater. It was pretty cool - at least once Ke$ha took the stage. The two opening acts? Not so much.

To be fair, one of the acts, LMFAO, has the number one single in our country. They were "fun" and brought a lot of life to the crowd. We first saw them on SYTYCD a few weeks ago and I wasn't really impressed. I thought they were Black Eyed Peas wannabes. This may be a passing fancy but for the moment, they did what they needed to do, which was get the crowd excited for Ke$ha. But watching not-so-fit men jump around underwear was not quite appealing. They did have *one* hot girl dancing but it seemed almost, um, disturbing and scary to see a dozen men on stage with one scantily clad girl.

The very first act, I have no idea who they were. But it was a dude or two on turntables and two guys rapping into the microphone. A lot of cussing. They were no Kanye. I doubt we will hear from them again in the near future.

Ke$sha was awesome. She sang her entire set. She had a real life band playing. She danced. She was just too cool. I am a fan of this pop trash princess. Her songs are fun and catchy. Her lyrics are brilliantly funny-in-a-cool way. And she sings about celebrating youth. I love that. She's not deep. Just get up and party music. She ended her set with her cover of the Beastie Boy's "fight for your right to party".

It was a great way to see the youth of America...or at least Raleigh. There were Ke$has everywhere: hair, makeup and glitter. If you are not aware, Ke$ha is all about glitter. One guy, a Paul Bunyan look-alike with 40 lbs. on him, was one of the main attractions. Girls everywhere were getting their picture taken with him - he had glitter all in his beard and a non-descript shirt on with "I went down on Ke$ha" on it. Really? You want a picture with _that_ guy?

I saw a few teens smoking pot. And when the show was over, I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around to hear a very inebriated girl tell me (use your drunk accent...or ask me to reenact it for you): "I just have to tell you that you are so awesome. My parents took me to see bands like Bon Jovi and it was so awesome. You're kids are so lucky to have an awesome mom." She went on longer but I don't remember everything else she said. It was very sweet and I thought it came from a great place despite the fact that she was, well, drunk.

There are some things, however, that are quite unsightly. Like the Paul Bunyan guy with the crass shirt...and this woman, who thought this was a fashion hit? Granted, I was the one that showed up to a concert with my granny panties...but that was by accident. This woman certainly wore this to this concert on purpose. And yes, that is a sweat stain.

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