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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Leap of Faith

I have been watching ABC's Expedition Impossible's first season with growing appreciation.

I enjoy TV. I watch almost everything at least once. And frown all of you must but it makes no difference to me. I LOVE TV. I was born in the right generation.

The show is about teams of three people trekking across Morocco. And for people like me who didn't know, Morocco is nothing but desert. Well, and then there are snowy mountains.  Dry sandy desert crossing into snowy mountains. 

The expedition is not like The Amazing Race. These are actual grueling, physical activities: rappelling, hiking, climbing mountains, skydiving, etc. It is similar to those multi-day expeditions I used to watch on some forgetful nature channel. The show is probably not as flashy as Survivor or The Amazing Race but it definitely has a different take on "reality" TV.

One team I enjoy greatly is called No Limits. The team consists of three friends, one who is totally blind. Watching the expeditions for each episode, it is nearly impossible to be blind to do any of them. Kayaking down a rapid river, finding visual clues, swimming, digging for water, there is roughly NOTHING involved that doesn't involve some use of vision.

And yet, this team comes in within the top five, mainly top three, in each leg. Why? Blind trust. The friend, Jeff, has been the "eyes" for blind friend Erik for years. And they all manage to work well together to get through these not-for-the-visually-impaired (or physically) successfully. But this episode really gave me the goose/chill bumps/pimples.

Team members have to jump off a cliff-with-a-waterfall into the water below. Jeff tells the camera moments before this clip, that he has been there for Erik all these years and how Erik trusts him unconditionally. And then? Erik climbs down this cliff on Jeff's's freaky, it's scary, it's mind-blowing...and it's unbelievably inspiring: to have someone care so much about another person (both sides) and trust them entirely (again, both sides). I love these people.

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  1. Holy moly! I've never seen this show, but your post makes me want to watch it!