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Monday, July 11, 2011

$%#&^ Monday...

Today was CJ's first day of volleyball camp at NC State. I needed to get her there before nine, and apparently, Tim and her had a plan to get a smoothies from Mickey D's beforehand. On top of that, I had a 9:30 meeting and I was bringing MiMi into work with me.

We left pretty early *for me*: 7:45. This turned out to be a very wise decision because when I went through Mickey D's, I forgot to order MiMi's cinnamon bites so I had to park and go in to get them. The line was too long in the drive-thru.

OK. No problem. Plenty of time to spare.

I am now on my way to NC State. I go down Oberlin to hit Hillsborough. Since I am NC-State-ignorant -- hello, ECU girl here -- I have no idea how to get to Reynolds coliseum...even though I've been to it half a dozen times.

*Anywhay* GPS does not have the new traffic circles around Hillsborough so when the nice English woman told me to turn left on Hillsborough, I went right...when I should have gone around the circle onto Pullen, which is what the GPS was trying to get me to.

I knew I could get over there, magically, by going the _other_ way. Surely there's another way to get onto campus vs. Pullen. After missing a few rights to have me do a U-eey to get back to Pullen, which would have been hindsight.

Instead, I went left on Dan Allen, which is apparently the only other way to get onto campus. No problem...all I have to do is go down one road, which will get me to Jeter Drive, which is where I need to be.

Only there was a road closure to my destination. Great. Now I gots to turn around and figure out how to get to the other side of the road closure.

I think I should be able to do a bunch of right angle turns to get to the other side and actually, on paper, that worked. Only the road I took to get over there was a one way...going the other way. I didn't care at that point. I got honked out but the road was wide enough, with little traffic (I saw one car) so I was going for it...."breaking the law! breaking the law!" The one car I saw honked at me and I just waved an annoyed "I KNOW!!!"

I finally find the darn place and I get CJ checked in. Now I gotta get out and get to work.

The GPS takes me to Pullen to Western (Hey - I don't hang around that part of town. I have *NO IDEA* how to get around without the GPS). Only I didn't realize that the 'exit ramp' with a quick cursory sign to Western was the Western I was supposed to take. So I had to make a left onto the _other_ Western, a very busy Western...and go back around to go the direction I needed to go.

I make it to work safe and not quite soundly. I park and MiMi and I walk to my building. At one part of the parking lot, I tell her a story that I have been thinking about regularly since, earlier in the month, I moved back to a building I used to "reside" in.

My story: Several years ago, I was walking towards my car in the parking lot. It was a quiet time of day but I saw an acquaintance: someone I didn't really know but had played on a volleyball team with. I wanted to make sure I waved a hello to him once I caught his attention. And I did. Once he acknowledged me, I inexplicably fell down these steps. There are *four* teeny steps. I fell, knees first (I think I was trying to stop the fall) and went *BONK*  *BONK*  *BONK*, with my knees sliding and bouncing down each step, while the tops of my ankles, since they were at an angle, slide down the step the knees just left.

The guy raced to me with the most panicked look on his face. "ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!" He helped me up and still appeared more distressed than I was.

I, on the other hand, was immensely embarrassed, frustrated ('why does this always happen to me?'), and I felt sorry for the other person, having to bear witness to something like that. I shook it off with a "Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry about it." Once he left, I made it to my car, shaking, humiliated and now pissed because I notice that my cool shoes were now scraped, as well as my cool pair of jeans.

So that was my little story to MiMi on the way into work. She said "It's really embarrassing for adults to fall down." Yes. Yes. I agree.

We go on and just mere seconds after I told her this story, MiMi fell hard on the sidewalk. WTF?!? Are you serious? I cursed my child!!!

She did well. She was obviously upset and I looked at her injury and saw that, not only did she have a big ass hole in her pants but she had a pretty bad scrape. She didn't cry and didn't limp into my office. I got a lot of first aid stuff and cleaned it up and got her all bandaged up.

What a day. And it actually didn't end at that...  My pick up time for CJ was 4:30. At 4:00 on the dot, CJ texted me "where are you?" Um...I am at work are you done? "yes." So now I need to get my stuff, MiMi's stuff, and MiMi into the car and off to find Reynolds Coliseum yet again.

Fortunately, I made it without a hitch (via Pullen this time...I've learned my


  1. First reaction: Hey, I drove on Oberlin today! (me driving anywhere other than my grandma's, my house, Food Lion, and the library is a rare occurrence.) Or rather failed to drive on Oberlin because I missed the turn...

    Second reaction: Sympathy.

  2. olivia: that's all i ever ask (second reaction)...:)