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Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Interesting Poll

...although it probably is not statistically significant.

...or is it?

I have the privilege of listening to amazing writers every two weeks. These are mainly high school people, a scattering of middle schoolers, who write for *their own sanity*. This isn't required work from school (although sometimes they read their school writings), nor is it assigned work. It is usually work they do in their spare time (which is amazing that they have, as they are usually involved in multiple extracurricular activities) because -- get this -- they LIKE writing.

Although there are about a dozen writers active in this writing club, last night, six came to share their stories.  At some point during a break, I heard one of the teens mention being an atheist so I decided to poll the other five what their stance was. These are mainly high school teens. The result?

Two atheists (well apatheist, as one described himself)
Three agnostics
One "I don't care" apathetic

It was a very interesting result, for me. In my work, social and personal life, I am surrounded by similar views: non-religious people. It was nice, *for me*, to hear these young people express a view -- a somewhat controversial view -- so freely and confidently. I realize that, for the most part, the rest of this nation feels differently since religion belief is such a stronghold in everyday life, but I felt pretty "blessed" :) to be surrounded by more like-minded folks.

Oh. And if you missed my other posts on religion. I do believe. I just hate religion, religiousness, righteousness-by-religion, "I am a christian" public statements. For the most part, these people are full of hate (e.g. anti-gay, racist). It's the anti-religious that seem to actually have scruples.


  1. For want of a better comment...YEAH! :D

    I think I'll write a post about this myself, actually.

  2. Yeah! I am definitely interested in hearing your perspective. I am fascinated by you "young people". I would have loved to talk more about thee virtues but, alas, i would selfishly use up all of your time for me. :)

  3. "For the most part, these people are full of hate." But not all. :)

    Some of us Christians are not racist, anti-gay, or anti-atheist. Don't forget that. There are a few of us out there that are non-judgmental...

  4. Frank: hence the "for the most part"...