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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Hunter

This morning I took my chicorgis, Ricky and Lucy, out for a walk. As I approached the end of my driveway, I noticed Lucy, the hunter, eying something in the rough. This is not unusual for her. She is definitely the herder of the family.

I was paying attention to Tim and Ricky when she lurched forward and pounced on something. I heard a lot of squeaking and squawking and thought she had caught herself a chipmunk finally. Brenna, our boxer-mix, and Lucy have a lot of fun trying to nab one of these cute, fast creatures.

I noticed something in her mouth immediately and the birds all over the immediate area were angrily squawking. I scream at Tim: LUCY GOT ONE! SHE GOT A CHIPMUNK! OH MY GOD GET IT! GET IT! as I drag her towards Tim.  I'm not looking at her either.

Well, I did because I saw her grab something and I'm just freaking out.

I hear Tim telling me not to panic. I'm not panicked, per se, I'm just FREAKING OUT because I hear the fucking other birds and they aren't happy. I think that she must have attacked a baby bird, that's fallen out of the tree, and I'm mortified. How else could she have gotten a bird? They FLY.

So Tim picks Lucy up by the nape because she ain't letting go of her "kill". It drops to the ground, obviously dead. Wow. What the fuck did she do to that thing to kill it right away? It must be a baby bird.

Tim eyes it carefully, while I stand WAY back. He asked me something about it being already dead, as if I would know... But he determines, based on his background of watching Bones, that the bird was dead before Lucy ever got to it.

You would never know that from the way Lucy reacted. She prowled, sneakily approached, then pounced on the "dead" bird. She held that thing in her mouth with pride and was not letting go. And then when she did, she struggled to get back to it, after all, it was her kill.

So Tim disposed of it and I tried to walk Lucy more. Instead, she looked up into the sky, the trees, ready to kill more birds. She raced across the lawn, chasing flying birds. She just thought she was bad ass.  At some point, I put her leash down (it has a heavy end...and she's 12 pounds, so it holds her down pretty well) to thrown the doggie bag away and I heard Tim say "Hey - I just saw a dog run across here." Of course, it was Lucy and I found her, on her hind legs, sniffing into the magnolia tree, looking for birds.

What a cocky SOB.

And where was Ricky this whole time? He was just hanging out. Not interested in the bird. Not interested in Lucy's adventure. Just get me back into the house so I can lay down.


  1. Nugent will spin around in circles at the back door when he sees birds, squirrels, cats in his backyard "domain". It's always fun to watch him race off toward whatever he has spied and try to catch it. He has only ever caught anything two times.

    The first time was a couple of months ago. I posted the account on facebook b/c it was so funny and no one was hurt. My own reaction is the funniest, i think, b/c while i am rooting for him, i just kind of assume he'll never catch anything. But that time he DID catch a cat by the scruff if the neck as it was darting under the fence, pulled it back (I SCREAMED as i realized he had caught something), but then he didn't seem to know what to do with it, let go, and the cat got away.

    The second time was 3 weeks ago. He caught a tiny cat, and injured it badly. There are wild cats all over our neighborhood, and they rotate which neighborhood dogs they torment, sitting atop the fence where they know they are safe. I wasn't watching this time, but somehow dog & cat ended up under a bush. Lance ran out and got Nugent away from it, while i went out to see what was left of the cat.

    It was alive. A small thing, dirty, and not running away from me. Not good - these cats are skittish and won't usually let anyone near them. It was making this piteous growly-whine sound. I got my gardening gloves and fished it out from under the bush. I tested his legs, and they all seemed to work (he pushed back), but he couldn't walk well. I guess he had internal injuries or maybe a broken back.

    What to do? He didn't like me; that was plain. He was wild; no collar. I had no interest in saving him, if indeed he could be saved. What would we do with a cat? And Lance is allergic. I didn't want to just leave him under the bush though. Nugent would come looking for him again if i left the cat there (he was so proud of his hunting skills, he was strutting around).

    I'm not proud, but i put the cat next to the hole under the fence and watched as he dragged himself through. Maybe he wasn't hurt that badly. Maybe he was able to heal and go on to live out the rest of his 8 lives. Maybe. If i had it to do over, i think i would put him out of his misery and bury him in the backyard.

    Anyway, your post reminded me of that day. Our dogs are such fierce hunters.

  2. I remember your post about Nugent catching a cat finally. A very sad story about the cat but unfortunately, shit like that happens. It's not an easy job to survive in the suburbs as a loose pet, let alone a wild one. I'm just sad you had to go through that.