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Friday, July 15, 2011

A Day in the Life...

...of today.

Volleyball camp is over and our personal camp counselor (PCC) works only Tuesdays through Thursdays. I decide that I would take both girls into work today. MiMi has actually been at work with me all week, in a one hour block: our PCC drops her off at work and then an hour and a half later, we head to NC State to pick up CJ from camp.

However, today was going to be a full day and my work days are full. I told the girls the night before: you all will have to get up early because I have a meeting that starts at 8.

Sure enough, both girls were up and ready to go by 7:30. They were excited about this. Why? I don't know. All week, MiMi just sat in my chair, rummaging through my desk drawers, eating, and every once in awhile, plays on the iPad but nothing else. And then she comes home to tell Tim how she had the "best day ever".

Oh if only I could feel that way...

So the first meeting is with a couple of people and a call with our team in India. One co-worker is my BFF and the girls know her (and she knows them) No problems.

The second meeting (9AM) - same thing: just a couple of people; BFF and a great team mate.

The third meeting (10AM), however, is with more people, a bit more tension, less familiarity. What happens? Whispered arguing from both kids, switching chairs in order to get away from each other. I shoot several evil eyes, the "shhhh" face, the bugged out eyes, etc. At one point, I have to snap my fingers and snap my finger with an above-a-whisper "MIMI!" to get her to settle down.

This, of course, does not work. I see my co-worker look over at them every once in awhile, so I know they are distracting him. And at one point, he also snaps his fingers, at me, to warn me that disaster is about to happen. I look over and see CJ huddled in the corner trying to cover up the iPad, and MiMi nearly sitting on top of her.

BTW, this is not a huge room we are EVERYONE is aware of what the fuck they're doing.

Finally, we pull through the meeting. So I take them to lunch (11AM) at our new cafe, the "taj mahal". It's early so there are few people. MiMi has the california roll, I get pasta and CJ gets pepperoni pizza (my pickiest eater) after being turned off by the "grass fed" beef our cafe has to offer. I told her "it's what they FEED the cows, it's not in the burger!"

After lots of desserts, we head out. I decide to hit the nearest library because, of all the things they fight over, it's who gets to read what books. I tell them to get all the books they can read and we head over to the library (12PM).

I tell the they need to make it quick because I have to start meeting with a person from outside the company starting at 1PM but I had stuff to finish up before I met with that person. I found some books for CJ in the Young Adult section (trying to remember what Kerry recommended, what my teen writers read) and I look over and see them toting a zillion books. Good.

We now head back to work (12:45) with time to wrap up the stuff I need to do before my 1PM. But first I have to deal with their casually slow walk to my building. They are laughing, sauntering and I am a mile ahead. At one point, I turn around and double-snap my fingers at them (how asinine of me) with a "move it girls!" I don't care who sees me.

We make it to the office; I make my updates; I leave them be.

I later see a message from CJ sent from my phone to Tim, telling him that MiMi is disruptive in my office. No one confronted me about it. I guess all's OK.

But the day isn't over even though I am sleepy as hell. I just want to lay down and take a nap. But I have to get gas, stop at the store, get dinner ingredients, come home, empty the car out, walk the dogs, feed the dogs, empty the dishwasher, fill the dishwasher, prep dinner, COOK dinner, vacuum the floors, open the wine, DRINK the wine...

...and now, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........................

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