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Monday, June 13, 2011

Super Funny

Yesterday the family and I watched the movie Super 8. Ever since the teaser trailer was shown on American Idol, we have been intrigued about what this movie was all about.

And we found out. The movie is definitely reminiscent, to me, of Steven Spielberg (who produced the movie). Think E.T. It also reminded me of one of my all-time favorite movies, Stand By Me.

It centers around middle school pals who are making a movie about zombies...and while shooting, they end up being a witness to an amazing train crash (and it _was_ an amazingly filmed crash scene), which changes the lives of these kids, and the entire town of Lillian, Ohio.

It's just a great family movie that was funny, interesting and lovely to watch.

But what was really funny?

During the movie, someone came up the stairs near our seats. It was DARK. I had a hard time traversing the stairs myself when I had to hit the head.

It was a bit annoying, as the person stalled at the row in front of us; then bypassed our row and went to the row behind us (the last one), then started walking behind us (in front of the moviegoers behind us). Although they apologized for their annoyance, I was thinking "WTF? You are _just_ coming to the movie NOW? It's halfway over. AND you HAVE to sit down the aisle?"

Next thing I know, I see the person, again, stalling around by us, then the row in front of us. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I screamed in my head. I was >this close< to showing my exasperation when I realized in what a young boy (like 12).

He then walked along the row in front of us where he then sighed with frustration. It was apparent by this time that he was trying to get to the _other side_, where his seat was. But because we were in the back, and because it was dark, he didn't realize that there was a barred off area blocking his way to the other side. So he figured out that not only was the top row blocked, the third row from the top was blocked.

So with his big dramatic "Ah...", a shake of his head, and a laugh of frustration as in "I can't believe this!", he quietly apologized to us, then put his soda in the soda holder of an empty chair, held on to his popcorn, then went under the bar to cross to the other side.

He grabbed the soda after going under, then started walking across and quickly fell down, spilling his drink and his popcorn.

Describing this can no way show you the visuals that we all had in witnessing this whole five minute event. I normally NEVER laugh when someone trips or falls. I have the opposite reaction that most have and that is that I feel bad and sympathetic to the embarrassment of the person who falls.

But not in this case. We all burst out laughing for a good solid minute or so. It was uncontrollable. In fact, I continued laughing for a good long the image of him falling over and over and just laughing at it until I was in tears (I am laughing now, as I relive this moment again). MiMi would often have fits of laughter during the rest of the movie, which would make me think about it again and laugh...

I enjoyed the movie and definitely recommend watching it. But you will never have the best time as we did, with this young, clumsy kid (with manners).

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