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Thursday, June 23, 2011


I have had enough of this place. It's my last full day in Atlanta. It's the last full day of this conference. There is so much irony here, it's not even funny.

I mean literally, it's not funny. I am not laughing.

A user experience conference with the cheesiest sense of user experience. This is by far *the* worst conference I have ever attended. And I've attended a lot *and* I am easy to please.

The food sucks. I decided to eat out for lunch today and found a Chinese place across the street. I couldn't cross it without being verbally accosted. It's not just me. It's like anything female out in the open is up for grabs. You men have no idea how fucking lucky you are. Assholes.

The conference theme is Designing for Social Change. I bet you think it means one thing but that's not what it means. Social change being the fact that everything we do is about social networking: facebook, twitter, and all these "professionals" who love Linked In and how we, UX professionals, need to start thinking about incorporating this social phenomenon into our own designs, products, software, whatever. _That_ is the "social change". Nothing humanitarian here...

And by now, after being here for three and half days, my social intolerance has peaked. I am annoyed with people who simply stand in the aisles, trying to make their knowledge known to people around them. Or who run for the speaker, as though they are a celebrity, after the session ends, just to get up there and get their own voice heard about how they addressed whatever situation the speaker spoke about. Everyone is a god damn expert. Why do they come to a conference if they know everything?

Today's sessions were a big fail, except for the last two...which were only 30 minutes long but thankfully, I ended the day with two good topics *and* speakers.

While most that I know may consider me as a sociable creature...I my own rules. I can sit with anyone and start up a conversation (see my post yesterday with my hour long ride in a taxi) but it wears me out. For a conference, I would much rather be with a group of people I know and hang out and bitch, drink, laugh with them. Since I don't have that pleasure, I tend to go off on my now...sitting at a table, drinking a glass of cabernet, blogging and very own virtual social circle.

I fly back tomorrow. It's been a nice but lonely break. I'm ready to get back to chaos and not faking my social skills with my own peeps.

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