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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How's the Weather Out There?

I wouldn't know since I've been indoors all day.

Today was an all-day tutorial about some geeky stuff I like. The tutorial was great but going from 9 to 5 is a bit much for delving on one subject. We don't do that for SCHOOL.

But I have been very unimpressed with this facility. It absolutely reeks of "cheap". I mean, I doubt this is cheap but it doesn't exactly have the look-and-feel of grandiose. And while one may think a conference did not need to be so grandiose, a conference that deals with user experiences should at least provide a good one.

The meeting room in which my tutorial was held looks like those cheesy rooms you see in the movies, where some droning, cheesy seminar is being held.

And this was a BYOL tutorial: Bring Your Own Laptop. But where there outlets to keep the battery charged for that long? Noooooo.

Lunch was OK. A chicken Caesar salad, bread, and a slice of chocolate cake. Along with small talk with strangers at a big round table. Not really my forte, although I'm good at it.

Tonight was the opening reception. The conference sessions begin tomorrow and yesterday and today were more "pre-conference" stuff. Again, very laid out sadly (not badly...sad...lee...). I ate a few of the crackers and hor d'oeuvres, grabbed a glass of cab with my free drink tix. Then I left to hang out at the hotel bar...too full (for now) to eat anything good. I'm eyeing some pork belly tacos...we'll see.

But in the meantime, I am missing MiMi's second swim meet. :( I love those things because I love watching her swim. She is the happiest swimmer in the world. And while last year she ended up in last place for most of the heats, this year she is on par with the leads of her heat (she's not in the leading heats, but at least in heats that she is able to be competitive in).

Tomorrow will be better. I just know it. Seminars throughout the day, so I won't be stuck listening to one subject. Enough variability to deal with my ADD brain.

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