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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The title to this post was my answer to the question "How are you doing today?" I haven't recovered from a week of Atlanta and no work other than trying to catch up on email.

Monday: where did the day go? A morning doctor appointment, then pick up girls at pool to take back home, lunch date, make it to my desk (in my "new" office) to dock my laptop and find out that it won't work. Get the laptop working but can't see desktop on second monitor. Finish fixing that only to end up having to leave for a meeting...THEN it's time to head back home to get girls to pool for second swim practice.

Tuesday: get up late even though I went to sleep early last night, get the girls up so they can be ready for swim practice (with babysitter), I am heading out the door with my wonderful cup of coffee when Lucy (one of my twin chicorgis) rushes past my feet and into the garage. She's too stupid to realize that the big garage door is open and runs to the other door, which is the one good thing that happened. The rest: I spill my coffee on the floor in the garage and in the house; I yell GOD DAMMIT and see the babysitter walking into the garage.

Babysitter grabs the dog, I grab paper towels, then its off to work. I am barely there in enough time to warm up my seat where I then have to run back home in order to get CJ to her follow-up orthodontics appointment. There, we learn the 6K figure that it will cost to get these metal brackets on and that, because the first "procedure" is putting on spacers within her molars, that she needs to eat whatever she wants (aren't they sweet to suggest such a thing?) because her mouth will be too sore later. I take her to HER favorite, Moe's, grab to go but since I don't like Moe's, and I'm still far away from being able to actually _get_ to work, I forego grabbing a lunch.

So far, my only sustenance of the day is a half cup of coffee (the unspilled portion) and a banana.

I realize that I am running out of time to drop CJ home, grab lunch, and be back in time for a 2PM meeting. We finally make it home, after many fuck-ups in getting around North Hills to get to the right roads. I decided to microwave some chicken nuggets I made three nights ago and eat those on the way into work.

I am late for the 2PM meeting and rush right in. Discussion takes place and then it's done and I'm back in my office...only to have to leave to get home in time to get all of us to the swim meet. We have to have MiMi there by 5:15.

But first, I have to locate CANNED beer for the swim meet. Some of you may think: "have to?" YES. HAVE TO. HAVE TO. HAVE TO! HAVE TO!

Oh yeah, and some snacks for the kids.

Canned beer. How hard can that be? I am no beer connoisseur but I am certainly a snob about my beer. But glass is a no-no at a swimming pool and I won't let my snobbery take precedence over the rules of safety at a pool. Surely a six pack of decent beer exists. I am quite certain I have seen Corona in a can.

But my stop at the local Harris Teeter came in a downpour. And all I saw, spanning two big refrigerated aisles, were BOTTLED BEER. Sure, if one can drink the swill in a blue or silver can, you're in luck. But did I just mention I am a snob about my beer? I actually LIKE beer and drink for the good taste...not just to get a buzz so that any ole beer will do. I managed to find a 12 pack of canned Corona Lights so that should last me the rest of the season.

I made it home in time to change my shirt, grab any other last minute items, and then we were off to a different pool, as we were the visitors. Get there and, because of the rain and thunder, we wait to hear whether we go on or not. It starts raining harder so we wait in the car and then we see everyone leaving.

I get out and ask the first person I see, who is right behind our car, if the meet was canceled.

She stares at me, sort of spacey. And I ask again: did the meet get canceled?

"Y..e...a...h." In her best spacey voice, looking away from me.

" this was announced?"  Because I certainly wasn't sure if I should trust this chick.

She ignores my question and says, instead, "I...'ve s...e...e..n   t....h....i...s  c...a....r  b...e...f....o...r...e."

"Yeeeeah. If you go to our pool then it's usually there."

"I esp....e...cially l..i...k..e the teabags one."

Figuring out dinner was the last of the major decisions. Getting MiMi to sit still remains the most frustrating part of the evening but at least we are home, resting, as the thunder rolls and frazzles other folks.

As for me, I will be good for the rest of the night...then a new day brings on new frazzlements.

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