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Monday, May 30, 2011

Swim Team - One Year Later

A year ago, me and MiMi's adventure within swim team began. It was one of the most stressful events of my life with kids: watching the first day of swim practice.

But despite the ups and downs, swim meets became our summer. I have amazing memories of the summers spent on Tuesdays at the pool: three plus hours of sitting and waiting, for about a minute of frenzy when MiMi would actually swim. CJ would fill herself up on snow cones (I'm not kidding...that kids ate at least three snow cones within those hours), I would be drinking to calm my nerves, and Tim would just be kicked back, taking in the night.

This year, Tim received information from our pool for swim clinics for our swim team child. We signed her up for MOR (Marlins of Raleigh) in May, which ended up being nine sessions (MWF, for an hour, three times a week). These clinics were hardcore: there was no swimming incorrectly...the swim coaches were *right there* making sure arms and legs and head were positioned correctly. It was grueling -- non-stop swimming 50 yards each time...sometimes more.

Amazingly, she never complained or pleaded NOT to go. I'm not saying she was _excited_ about going each time...but she did love her that helped...but she just sort of went with the flow. She's so amazing that she's just so casual about this stuff.

Last week was the first week of our pool's Swim Team's practice. It was a completely different experience from a year ago.

MiMi swam without any problems. Many of the kids struggled, mainly because this was their first time in the pool since last summer. MiMi told us she was so glad she was able to do the swim clinic because she was ready for swim team.

The second day of swim practice, she told me she was going into the third lane -- which had the older kids. I asked why and she said that she wasn't a baby anymore and that the first (and second) lanes were for the little kids.

But she didn't go the second day...backing out of her intended plan. By observation, the skill set was varied in each lane but the first two lanes were dealt with one coach and the next three with two coaches (one with the hotty I like).

Day three, after a squabble over how to properly put on her swim cap (I did not do it right), she was mad at me that I impeded on the instructions that the coaches were giving to her fellow swim mates. And she stomped away from me, promptly placed herself in the lane 3 line, and dived off the board as if she had always been a part of that group.


She continued to swim the next 45 minutes with this air of confidence and sense of belonging with the "big kids".

Who's child is this?!?

I was floored. And proud. And reflecting on the year before...and how much of a basket case I was. And how much I love this kid. And how she surprises me nearly every day of my life.

Everything holds true as it did last year: I want her to enjoy it but I want her to do it right and to strive to do her best. I could care less if she comes in last place at every meet, as long as she feels she's doing the best she can.

But she did tell us that this year, she's winning a medal. And by the looks of it, I think she'll accomplish that goal.

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