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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Olivia's Tiger Mom

Last week, I was getting ready for work with The Daily Show playing in the background. MiMi suddenly screams excitedly "Mommy! YOUR BOOK IS ON THE TV!!" and I rush over and see The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother on the show.

In the past weeks, when I have mentioned how much I enjoyed this book, I get a lot of those "oh-no-she-didn't" looks. It's as controversial as the Brad Cooper trial: what side are you on?

Hey, I am not saying I am on any side of the tiger mom issue. I am just saying I KNOW so many people who have had similar parents and it doesn't seem offensive to me *at all*. My Western dad was strict but he rarely laid a hand on me. Oh. I did get spanked. But with one hand, smack on the butt (only body part). Well, until I was a teen and I remember getting a slap on the face. On the other hand, many of my cousins had the strict ways of the Asian world. And they are perfectly fine.

Anyway, Olivia Munn has a Chinese mother. I love this little segment:


  1. If I was Amy Chua, I'd love to watch all of the Western-style parents freaking out.
    We were talking about tiger mothering at lunch a week or so ago, and we decided that there were merits to both sides-- you need to figure out a balance that allows the elements of both to work.

    I was spanked sometimes when I was little. Now as a teen, I too occasionally get my face slapped.

    It's debates like these that make me totally terrified of parenting. If people can't even agree on one general METHOD...

  2. I went to a conference years ago and heard Geoffrey Canada speak. He is the one of the people featured in Waiting for Superman. He helped uplift the education system in Harl'em, addressing (as I remember) the black male youth population. It was successful and a lot of folks in the country were like "come here and do that with our education system!" and he was like 'we created this for harlem and our children. we can't do the same for your has to be created for YOUR children.'

    I think the same of parenting. Each child is different; each parent is different. One size does not fit all. And in the 50s and probably 60s, children were "beat" more than they are now. We are a different generation. I definitely have a mix of both: harsh but also, let me hear what you are feeling.

    There are other reasons to be terrified of parenting though. This one is probably near the middle of my list. :)

  3. Thanks for posting that dailyshow clip. It was funny as hell. I'm thinking I should try the fridge head bonk, but I'll have to move all the crap out of the way so they don't get magnets stuck in their heads.