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Sunday, May 08, 2011

I Dedicate This Song To You: Cee Lo Green's Fuck You

I have been reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman and it is chock full of amazing quotes that I have been furiously trying to keep tabs of. The one I read this morning was so great and I was thinking about how I would incorporate it into my book review. But after reading comments, watching the interview below, and my own feelings of frustration and revulsion, I know exactly where to use it.

Here it is: to all of you that think Brad Cooper is guilty of the murder of his wife:
"Fuck you...Fuck you and fuck your mother and fuck the fucking horse you fucking rode in on."

Yes. I don't care about you and your ignorance. If I hear you tell me once more he's guilty, you're out. I will respect you more if you keep your god damn mouth shut around me.

And, unlike many others who state they don't believe there is evidence to prove he is guilty, but he might be...SHUT THE HELL UP AND OWN UP or MAN UP. We live in a nation that is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVE GUILTY. So until one is proven guilty, they are fucking INNOCENT. So Brad Cooper is 100-fucking-percent innocent.

There is ZERO evidence, AKA NO PROOF. And you fucking women out there that think having an affair makes you a murderer? GROW THE FUCK UP. You are so god damn stupid.

Some trivia for you who are appalled at Brad's affair: Did you know that Nancy Cooper also had an affair? Did you know that nine months after that affair, she had a baby? Jim Pearson. Look that shit up. He didn't even tell the Cary Police about it when he was questioned about Nancy Cooper.

Am I angry? Just a little. Why? Because this type of injustice occurs every fucking day and I am sick to death of the masses, sitting on their god damn throne, acting like hearsay and media is the real deal. They are too god damn lazy to actually THINK for themselves, to LISTEN to what's happening and PROCESS IN THEIR OWN HEAD what is going on. If we had a society that could actually do that, we would have less injustices happening in the nation.

And then there are the gung-whores (yes, my word) who can't wait to finish a case and come out as swift action heroes, putting away the "bad guy". But only for the reason of looking good to the public versus actually trying to be a moral, ethical person and put the right one away.

And how do we allow inept judges to continue preciding over a trial that they cannot even understand? It's just horrific and I am ASHAMED of all of you. I am not surprised, just embarrassed for your livelihood.

I wish I were rich, a bright lawyer, a forensic Network expert, a woman of power, well-connected, or anything possible to help with these injustices. I would sign right up to help bring justice to Brad Cooper. Alas, I am a mere mortal who has sense enough to know, as many of us who I know, and don't know but follow on the boards/twitter, that this is a travesty of justice on the life of an innocent man.

"We" crack on defense lawyers, stereotyping them as defending a guilty man but what about the god damn prosecutors who prosecute innocent men?

BTW, don't fucking ask me who did it. I am not the god damn police. It is not MY fucking job. Your arguments against my belief will be trivial so don't even bother. YOU WILL LOSE because I don't care about your shitty, ignorant belief of him being guilty. It will be over for you and I won't blink an eye. I DON'T KNOW WHO DID IT BUT I DO KNOW IT WASN'T BRAD COOPER.

Footprints at scene of body dump do not match Brad Cooper.
Wheelbase of tire tracks of body dump do not match Brad Cooper's car.
Nancy Cooper called Brad from the house the morning of her death.
Brad Cooper was at a Harris Teeter between 6 and 7AM the morning of her death. There was proof in video surveillance that was showcased in 2008 and no mention of a proposed earlier time of death UNTIL after this video was released.
There was a witness who saw her jogging that morning.
And the infamous google map. First, 27518 is Brad Cooper's zip code. But that part, apparently is moot, as there is enough evidence to show tampering. But if you actually followed the trial with an objective mind (i.e. NOT thinking he was FUCKING GUILTY FIRST), you would know that this evidence wasn't heard by the jury because it wasn't admissible. Why? I have no fucking clue other than the judge was not technologically advance enough to know anything about it. Why that would have the judge NOT allow the evidence is a wonder to me.