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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Homeless in West Memphis

My poor dad.

A few months ago, he had just proudly moved into a ground floor apartment near his place of employment, the VFW, in West Memphis, AR. For years, he had lived down in the next "town", in an aging motor home. He was content in that little place but apparently, the winters were a bit tough so he finally decided to move into a heated place.

We stayed the night with him at his place when we went on our post-Christmas visit to see him and my mom. It was a great place in a great location.

Or so we thought

The recent flood from the Mississippi engulfed my dad's place. Not once, but twice. He was told Wednesday to get his stuff out and find a new place (along with the rest of the complex) and before he could say 'sure', the Health Dept. demanded that everyone pull out their belongings ASAP or they were going to do it for them.

So my dad is now homeless.

He is staying in his office at the VFW and has a positive outlook on it "I'm steps from work." "I have a nice big room." He'll get something soon enough but most likely, his yearly trip to see us (this time in June) will be postponed.

I mentioned this to CJ and MiMi, while eating my mountain of yogurt from Yogurt Mountain. MiMi whispered something that I had to ask her to repeat three times, because she was so tentative and sad to say it...but in the end, she said "So is he going to have to get a sign?"

If you don't get it...she means the sign that the homeless hold at the corner that says "I am homeless. Please help." :)

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  1. Hahahaha on having to get a sign. Her logic makes sense to me! Unfortunately, homelessness has many forms.