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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Don't Be Skerred 5K

Last Wednesday was the annual 5K race at my workplace. I posted my race report for this 5K in 2008, 2009, and 2010. I re-read them and they all sound the same and, in fact, the 2008 one could be used for last week's race. I am a broken record.

Instead, I will write about the little challenge that a small group of us have started with this particular if running it wasn't already challenging enough!

Let's see...maybe it was the 2008 race that my friends Steve and Rich decided to challenge me and a friend of mine: last one to cross the finish buys lunch. We did that again the next year but I didn't particularly like the fact that I was a potential "last one to cross" candidate, vs. Rich, who runs way faster than I ever will...well...we'll see. He's older than me so I may have time to catch up to his 7 mn/miles. :)

So last year, we needed to even up the competition, to allow slow people to compete with the fast people. Eventually, we came up with "predict your finishing time and no GPS or timer during the race". That worked out well. Eventually. I remember wigging out about the whole "no gps". Poor $Bill had to get my wrath over my silly hissy-fit. This year, we did the same thing and I was like Harold Camping preaching the Rapture with the whole "NO WATCHES OR ANY KIND OF TIMING DEVICE!"

Amazingly, I was so fricking close to my predicted time of 29:00 minutes. I remember seeing the clock at the finish (this one is OK since you can't help but look at it) and seeing 28:49. I thought "I can beat my prediction!" and scurried (well, it felt like I was going fast but I don't think I really was much faster than I thought I was) over the finish at around 28:59 (so I thought). I was disappointed because I had run this last year at 28:30 and the year before in 26:xx minutes!

So when the results were printed out, I saw that my official time was 28:55, which made me feel better than what I thought I had (28:57). One of my competitors pointed out that I, in fact, DID look at a clock during the race and while at first I thought "damn...that's right!"...after $Bill said "if someone stops at the finish to make their prediction, that's on them..." At first, I was like 'what does he mean? why would anyone stop?' then it dawned on me that if one was running PAST their predicted time, they would stop in order to cross AT their predicted time.

Then I laughed because it is beyond me to do that. I am too competitive with myself that I would only be satisfied with _beating_ whatever time I predict. It's bad enough that I am predicting slower times for myself!

In the end, my fellow friend Greg predicted a finish time that was only 5 milliseconds off his official time. Pretty incredible! He's like PSYCHIC.

Despite my previous posts "complaining" about this route...and my refusal to run it for several years after my first time running is such a fun event to do. It's at work, organized by people that we work with, one year, the president of our company blew the horn to start the race, many of my friends and co-workers participate and in the end, we got a great workout and we can all appreciate everyone's time because we all know how hard it is.

It was a wild, active week for me that has me wanting more: last Wednesday the 5K, Saturday the Gladiator 5K, then Monday's boot camp finale with a three mile run...that apparently was indeed three miles and I did it in 26:45 (on the hottest day ever) -- a time that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Watch out Rich! I'm coming after you!! I mean, not _after_ you in the finish but chasing your time...forget know what I mean.

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