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Monday, May 23, 2011

Boot Camp 2011

Today was the last day of my eight week Boot Camp program. THANK GOD.

Just kidding...

...a little.

Today we did push-ups, sit-ups (full, not crunches) and ran three miles and compared it to our original numbers from eight weeks before. I was worried I wouldn't have improved, especially in the full-metal-sit-ups section, since I haven't been doing my homework.

Here's how I fared...all are done in 1 minute:
Push-ups (full military style)
April 4th: 25
May 23rd: 32

Sit-ups (old style)
April 4th: 30
May 23rd: 35

I thought I had only done 20 sit-ups the first time but I double-checked my exercise log and see I have 30, so I didn't improve too much. The full sit-ups are not good for my damaged neck anyway.

I attempted a pull-up, which has been my boot camp goal-mantra: ONE PULL-UP. That's all I want to do. One unassisted pull-up. Why one? Because that means I can do it and after one, comes n-number. But let me start with one and I will be the happiest girl in the world.

So if you read between the lines, "attempted" is the word. I did pull myself up about a 1/4" three times and that is a 1/4" more than I did the first week, so I am happy but man, I'll be elated the day that I pull myself up once.

Before that, however, we had to put in nine laps around the soccer field. Three laps equals one yes, three miles. I was expecting that at all.

To top it off, I forgot my running shoes so I was left with my $10 target specials that I keep in my locker for those days I MIGHT forget my shoes. Let's just say, I forget a lot of things, but I usually don't forget my shoes since that was the first time I ran in those...

It was so hot: 84 degrees, no shade, direct sun. And NINE laps around a soccer field. I had to really concentrate on the 'task at hand' so I wouldn't think about the fire within my shoes. I had a shoelace mishap but other than that, I kept a great, steady pace. I was pretty happy with my run and came in at 26:45...which makes me think it's not _quite_ three miles but whatever, I ran great.

One of our homework assignments was to create a motivational plate: get a paper plate and put stuff on it that motivates you. So here is mine...I made it last night and it felt like I was a kid again, gluing things together to make a collage. I love it. It is truly going to be my motivational amulet. MiMi, who helped me with it last night, told me she is going to hold it up for me when I run races.


  1. Had my garmin today, and garmin clocked 3 miles at 8.7 laps. I know my garmin under-clocks consistently (garmin thought my 6.2 mile 10K was 6.45 miles), so i think it REALLY IS 3 full miles. So that was a wonderful time for you! (-:

    Love your plate!

  2. I had my Garmin too. Mine clocked exactly 3 miles when I got to Domino. Nice time!

  3. And my garmin clocked me at 3.14 miles at the end. So, I think you get credit for a full 5k. You were kicking it on the course, very steady & strong out there. Thanks for setting the bar! - Jenian

  4. definitely 3 miles, you know if you want to do a pull up, meet me at the rfc tomorrow b4 or after my bike ride and I'll show you the right machine to use. I guarentee 5 minutes a day 3 x a week and in two weeks you'll do at least 3. :-)

  5. time of bike ride? will be there playing wallyball at 12:30...

  6. that might workout, I actually have a brick today, the bike starts at 11:30, should be done with the bike/run at 1, then cooldown and shower should be close to when you finish. IM me and let me know what time wallyball ends