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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Word Game

Mi-Mi continues to just impress me with her antics.

When I got up this morning, I saw a this sheet of paper on the counter.

MiMi created it for Tim to fill out and his answers are the ones in within the underline pieces. I love her clues. And I heard her explain to Tim this morning how some of his answers were right...and that he did really well, but a few were wrong.

The puzzle starts from the bottom, where she wrote "mart". Each word going up, after "mart", has one letter that needs to be changed.

So the next clue is "you use it when you go shopping" and the answer is "cart.
Then, "It's a gas"; answer is "fart".
Next, "You put animals in it". Tim was incorrect; he wrote "cage" but the answer is "farm".
"Cats play with it"; Tim wrote "mice" but the answer is "yarn".
"Pain"; the answer is "harm".
"body part"; "arm".
"you use paint"; "art".
"a name of a store"; "kmart".

Isn't that too cool? Okay, so some of the words have two letter changes but no matter, I love that she put that together on her own.

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  1. very cool and I love that you shared it.