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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Back in February, MiMi created the flag of the Sudan. We got poster board from the dollar store, markers from OfficeMax (only because the dollar store ran out) and once we got home, she was off doing her own thing. The finished product was very nice and at some point, she posted this on Facebook: "Working on sudan...TOO MANY BIG WORDS!!!!!"

I didn't really pay much attention to the literal meaning of this status update until a couple weeks ago, when we heard - and saw a summary - of MiMi's report on the Sudan.

Apparently, her class had to pick an African country, write a report on it and present it via PowerPoint. MiMi made the flag and then created the ppt for her report. She told us that her teacher said that hers was one of the most descriptive, in-depth report of the class. We were like "wow. you had to do a report?" We had no idea. I thought it was just the flag. But MiMi did the entire thing on her own, including accessing PowerPoint and learning it her own way.

Here are the slides that she presented. BTW, I asked her about the graphs: 'these are pictures that you copied from the net?' 'No. I made them by myself.'


  1. no doubt about it...the child is a genius! love Grandma

  2. That is impressive! I love it! And you know I love that she created her own graphs...