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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break 2011 Day Two

Day two was a different adventure. And adventure is too strong of a word.

MiMi received a new bedroom suite from Grandpa Bill last week for her birthday. Wednesday (day two) was delivery day. MiMi got up and sat by the window for a little bit, waiting to see the first glimpse of the Rooms to Go truck.

Before that, however, Tim and I were cleaning out the stuff in her bedroom. Her perfectly fine bunk beds (long story) were taken apart, along with all the other junk she has in her room.

This is where the Tiger Mom philosophy would have come in handy: have the kids do the work vs. mom and dad.

Since we were home bound, I had pre-planned to go back to my place of employment to do my biathlon training. Some of you think that is crazy but the rest of you would do the same thing.

However, what usually happens to me when I am on vacation is that I get lazy. So while I was weeding the yard, Tim asked "when are you going in?" and I was like "It's at 1 but I am thinking about ditching it..." "Oh no you're not. You're going." was his reply and went I did.

I met up with $Bill and Jenian early to do our boot camp homework: pull-ups, sit-ups and push-ups. I managed to pull myself up by a millimeter with no help, which is HUGE since I couldn't move one iota before. I then did five with assistance from Coach $Bill.

We got our sit-ups and pull-ups in right before we had to climb on the cycles and warm-up for our mock biathlon race. We started with the run, which was a relief for me even though it was hot and hard. I knew that once I finished the run I wouldn't be running anymore and that was enough of a carrot to push me through.

The bike was not easy, of course, but at least we were indoors. I was drenched by the end and I have to say, that was one of the best workouts I have had since Monday, so well worth my drive back into work (BTW, I live 10 miles from work, so it's not that big of a deal anyway.)

Before I left for my grueling workout, the Rooms to Go folks made it to the house. I knew before I saw the van by the squeals and stampede that only two girls could make in my house. MiMi had her receipt and every time a piece of the furniture came up, she would cross it off the receipt. I'm sure the Rooms to Go workers appreciated her discriminating eye...

By the time I got back, all was put in place. What was missing was NEW sheets and NEW blankets so off they went to Tarjay to purchase, while I ate my late late lunch and showered and chilaxed. What a life.

The end result? A very cool bedroom for a now very grown-up 8 year old:

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