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Thursday, March 03, 2011


I have done this, many times, at movie theaters. As many people, one major pet peeve is people talking during the movies. Sure, I'll let you talk during the previews, but you are on my shit list. You have to redeem yourself and shut the fuck up once the movie begins. But before then, you get a chance.

I am pretty serious about my movies. Years and years ago, Tim and I went to see Casino when it came out. It was a packed theater. There was a row of couples sitting in front of us. They were a bit older than Tim and I were at the time...and LOOKED conservative. Women with bobbed hairstyles; men with their haughty nature. At first glance, they were nothing to me. The details of their look were only taken during the film...

They kept commenting on elements within the movie.
Oh my god. This is so violent.
I know! This is just sick!
and on and on with the "Oh my gods", "I can't believe this", "this is terrible", etc.

And of course, I am thinking "WTF brought you to *this* movie then?" I recall Tim and I hushing them up to no avail. And when the movie's finale hit, where the men are getting beaten up then burined alive? They whispered their disappointment but it was still loud. By this time, I was so annoyed with them that the movie became secondary. I think I'll have to watch it again one day to get the full picture. But as the closing credits roll and people get up, I start chanting, quietly but loud enough, "SATAN! SATAN! SATAN!"

Don't ask me why. I was around 25 at the time with a bitch attitude. But the stranger thing is this: Tim starts chanting with me. There is no plan, there is no "hey tim, let's start chanting Satan!" It was me being spontaneous and reactionary and Tim just going with the flow.

Needless to say, we scared the shit out of those folks.

Then I listen to my KATG podcast relaying the story about a man telling a bunch of teens to stop being unruly...those teens getting kicked out...then waiting at the theater for the movie to finish in order to seek revenge on the man.

Upon searching for this article for this post, I found this one:

Seriously? This is what going to the movies in peace has become? I will be KILLED if I pull that SATAN shit on someone else, let alone SHUSH. I would almost say *Tim* would be the harder person to pull back from hushing others at the theater (he doesn't say "shhhh", he says "put the phone away" or "be quiet", no please, no thank you) but I am guilty of it too.

But don't you too? I can't be the ONLY person in the world (besides those mentioned in these articles) that wants to watch a movie without people disrupting it!

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