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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Sheening Tiger Blood Is Winning

Do I dare jump on the Charlie Sheen bandwagon?

It is pretty incredible, that in the span of barely two weeks, we now have a new meaning for "winning". I didn't know what any of that meant but I saw it pepper tweets from people I follow..."not winning"..."winning"...WTF? I knew it was in relation to Charlie Sheen but I hadn't had the pleasure of hearing his interview.

And "Sheening" or "Sheening Out", for going cuckoo. In fact, I used that term today in a conversation.

I heard on the radio, his rant about getting fired from Two and a Half Men, as well as his youtube show but Tim had actually posted the video of the latter and seeing it was like WOW. He is really, really cuckoo. What happened?

Well, he's definitely been a loose cannon for as long as I remember knowing about him. BTW, I was never a fan. I have seen many movies with him in it but only because he was incidental. I never quite understood the take on Spin City (without Michael J. Fox) and especially, Two and a Half Men...but whatever.

For the young folk out there, in 1990, Charlie Sheen shot his then-fiancee, Kelly Preston, aka Mrs. John Travolta. I know it was labeled "accidental" but she was out of the picture shortly after.

Then he was dating porno stars like crazy. And was involved in the Heidi Fleiss fiasco.

Then his dad, Martin Sheen, went in front of cameras, begging for help for his son. That didn't happen just now...this was years ago.

I was reminded of Charlie's recent debacles when I watched a crap movie this weekend, Love Happens. It had Martin Sheen in a small role and he was just amazing.

So I think about Charlie...and his legacy...and his dad Martin Sheen...and his legacy. Is this how he wants to be remembered? Can he rebound from this, if he doesn't die first? Robert Downey Jr. did it, so I guess it's possible.

But it's sad. It's sad that the nation (including me) is watching this man go nuts and use it for fodder for new slang, new impressions.

Charlie Sheen said, to his firing from the TV show, that he didn't care about himself; what he cared for most of all were his children. Really? Which ones? The younger ones or his adult daughter Cassandra, who is well in to her 20s.

I guess the sick soap opera will continue until those 15 minutes are up.


  1. I've not been following the Sheen thing at I'll write a completely un-related comment and be a whiny teenager:

    Ezra and I miss youuuuuu (I assume the others do as well-- I'm just IMing with him right now).

  2. Awwww, shucks! I think back to Sally Field's Oscar speech "You like me! You really like me!" I will contact Sam and come back for a visit. It's been awhile and I miss you guys too. I told her, this past Wednesday, to tell the kids Hi. :)