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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Season Finale

CJ's last volleyball game was yesterday. What a great one to end with too!

All season, our girls have played extremely well. During practice. Once they get on the court for a tournament, it's not quite the same. It's like they get stage fright, or something.

But yesterday? From the first play of the game? It was a totally different team. These girls have never played like they had in any other tournament. They were on FIRE. And they were rock solid.

They lost the first match but not without a fight. The second? They kicked ass. As they won the last point of the match, I stood up clapping with the other parents. I teared up. I was so proud and I was thinking to myself "I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT ALL ALONG! These girls are the baddest MFers out there!" And a little bit of me wish they had played this way before but as I know, Tim hates the "wishing" so I was pleased as punch that they ended the season with a bang.

It's pretty darn amazing watching competitive volleyball. And I could see each of the girls on that court get a taste of was like they drew blood and they loved the taste of it. The transformation of these girls begin and I am glad to be witness to it.

And while this Cinderella season is over, I won't forget the feeling I have about how CJ entered this new world, a new independence that I have no control matter how much I rant and rave.

We are on to new pastures now. Until next season, we have sand volleyball. CJ is already planning the important things like: what kind of bathing suit is she going to wear, where can she find a sunglasses holder, and what kind of tanning lotion she needs to buy.

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