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Sunday, March 06, 2011


At least, that's how I say it in my head. It is actually MAPL - Mid-Atlantic Power League, which was held (being held) this weekend at the Raleigh Convention Center.

What does that mean? It means 24 action-packed courts of volleyball.

CJ and her team were able to make it in for a day of competitive volleyball games, all of which were lost. :( No matter, the girls were able to get a taste of the sights and sounds of volleyball adrenaline and power play. CJ managed to use, and successfully get, her overhand serves over, a feat she has been trying to do since she joined the team last November. It was a proud moment for us, especially when she managed to get two aces in a row. If you only knew the struggle she has had with that skill throughout the season. It's been a monkey on her back but through true grit, she has practiced, and practiced, and practiced and it paid off.

I soaked in the sounds and sights too. I watched 15 year old teams play like they were in college. I couldn't believe they were that young and here I was, a part of a crowd of spectators who were just as entranced as I was, as each team dove for unbelievably OUT balls, never giving up a point. In this particular match, the sets were tight across all three: 25 points to win...each team would be within one point of winning. They split and went for a tiebreaker, which is first to win 15 by two points wins...that wasn't enough, it had to go to 18.

I roamed the entire center, watching a set here or there. It was truly an amazing experience and reinforces my love for this game: to play, to watch, and perhaps one day, coach.

But our day was over around 5PM. I chatted with BFFs Ashley, Kris and Eric (and Eric, you know I *do* like you more than the other guy :) :)) and we headed out to celebrate with some guacamole. Ashley, Kris and Eric are back today, which is amazing because, despite the excitement, it is EXTREMELY TIRING, even just as a spectator. But that's what I foresee in the future, as CJ grows into the volleyball player I would have liked to become.

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