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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Less Than Zero

Amazingly, I never saw this movie. Not in 1987, when it came out. Not anytime after that until this past weekend.

It's been on my 'to-watch' list for maybe the last 10 years. I started hearing about it, especially around Robert Downey Jr.'s character vs. his real life drug troubles. Later, I learned that Bret Easton Ellis wrote the novel that the movie is based on and then I was really hooked on getting the movie watched.

It wasn't bad. It certainly wasn't great, in the sense that I think Ellis probably writes more dark than how the movie came out. The movie was a true 1987 starfest: James Spader, Andrew McCarthy, Jami Gertz, along with Downey Jr. So it was a flick to monopolize on the stars vs. creating an artistic movie (oh yes. I went there.) Much like the destruction of the Twilight series today. (and I went there too)

But it was intriguing enough to get me to read the novel, which I just got today. The gist of what I got from the movie that I look forward to reading in the novel: rich, entitled young adults, partying, doing drugs, having sex, and in the case of Downey Jr.'s character, becoming addicted and pimping himself out. Now _that's_ what I'm talking about. Shockingly, it was depicted, discreetly, in the movie and I am guessing that is why this was mentioned so much over the years..."we" didn't really show a lot of homosexuality back then in movies. And the sex scenes were pretty mild too.

Having the book might put a spark back into my reading routine. I tried picking up a book that was loaned to me and I read the first two pages three times, with no desire to continue...yet. The book is fine; I am just not in the mood for that one. Or the other two loaned to me right now. Fortunately, there's not a wait list for Less Than Zero at the library so I'll give it a go tonight and see how it stacks up with the movie. I think, though, I already know what will win.

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