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Sunday, March 13, 2011

If the Shoe Fits...

Sigh. I tried with all my might to find a clip from The Bernie Mac Show to use in this post. It would be perfect. But apparently, I can't search well enough for it or the show is just not indexed enough for me to find the episode I want.

Wanda, who plays the absolutely gorgeous wife of Bernie Mac, is cleaning out her closet of shoes with her niece, Bryana (aka "Baby Girl")...she picks up a pair of shoes and she says something like 'these are my black shoes with a 2" heel'...she picks another pair of shoes and says 'these are my black shoes with a pointy heel'...and then picks another pair of shoes and says 'and these are my black shoes with a _real_ pointy heel'. I laughed so hard because it is a realistic way to depict how most women view shoes.

I love shoes. A few months ago, I was looking for a pair of shoes and found a "new" pair: a pair of really pointy brown shoes (mules, really) that I apparently purchased last fall or winter at a thrift store. I totally forgot and since it was winter, I wasn't wearing them to keep them in my recent memory. It made my day...

Today, me and my girls stopped at TJ Maxx and I loved trying on different pairs of shoes. I did this a few weeks ago at Marshall's but this time, I made sure to take some pictures. And to make this even more weird for most of you: I didn't buy a single pair.

I love the way these looked on my feet. They felt great to walk in too, although I probably wouldn't wear them (if I bought them) during my run days. Don't need to fracture my foot again.

You can't see the heel on these wonderful sandals but there is a good 1 1/2" heel to these. THESE ARE SO COOL. Great for the summer and also perfect with my new orange nail polish that I put on my toes.

These were funky but another great look for a sandal. I would get these if they were cheaper. Or if I were less cheap...

I don't care that this is blurry. These shoes looked amazing on my foot. They weren't easy to put on or take off because they were laced. But I would annoy myself to just to wear these and look good.


  1. Shoes #3 are my favorite. But then again, I'm anything but a proponent of heels. (I wear shoes because they are useful-- heels just make me wobbly.)

  2. Good choice! They are actually not pretty to look at on the shelf but once I put 'em on, I was like YeaaaH! However, I failed to mention, they have heels. Well, *wedged* heels, which I prefer to pointy heels because of your sentiment: I don't like to be wobbly either.