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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Head Rush

I have posted in the past about my odd health ailments, one of them being these TIA-like symptoms. I had numerous tests done: EEG, a bubble test...if I think back hard enough, I believe I had an MRI too.

Anywayz, the end result is that no one could figure out what it was and I was to keep track of anymore incidents of these TIA-like things. Yes, the continued to happen but very randomly and infrequently. The mild ones, which feels like a head rush: you know, when you stand up too fast and blood feels like it rushes to your head? Those happen more frequently (and I don't have to be standing up; they just happen if I am idle or up and about; they are equal opportunity rushes!) but I don't document those as they are not as severe as the ones that make my right hand go numb.

But I had a big one yesterday. This time, in public with Tim at my side.

We were at the final volleyball tournament for CJ. I had one of those mild head rushes earlier in the morning but I set it aside, as I have those quite often.

But I was sitting on the bleachers, taking pictures of CJ and her teammates on the court, when I felt the head rush start to happen. I knew I had one earlier, so I sat still and "let it" take its course. But this time, it peaked and, how do I describe the sensation? It feels like I am about to pass out except I can see everything...there is no blackout...and my right hand goes numb. I feel like I am going to panic because the feeling is quite intense (albeit, indescribable). I clutch Tim's arm with my left hand to notify him that I am having one of those episodes. In hindsight, I wish I had said something because I often wonder if I can speak coherently when it is happening.

Somehow I motioned to my right hand, which I look at as though it's someone else's hand, and it lies limply in my lap, "clutching" my camera. I think this is odd because I can't feel my hand but it looks like it is holding on to the camera and then I see the flash go off, so somehow, that hand managed to take a picture of my knee.

But I was completely out of an out-of-body experience. And then slowly, it goes away.

But I am not the same for awhile after one of these episodes.

I get a headache, not a bad one, but a weird head ache. This is where the doctors surmise that my affliction is a migraine.

I accepted that notion, halfheartedly, until I saw this news bit about Serene Branson's on-screen migraine attack.

After the attack, I feel like I am in a fog...not quite a fog, but a glow. Everything seems to be overexposed. I can't talk well...meaning, I can talk fine - I don't slur but I have a five second delay and I feel like I am going through the database of my brain to find the right word, the right sentence, to relay a thought. It's tiresome and I prefer not to talk at all because it seems obvious to me that there is something wrong with me.

But I pulled an all-dayer and spent the entire day with CJ and the gang until 7PM (started at 8:30AM) at the volleyball tourney, then celebrating the last game and setting up cake and cupcakes for the final farewell.

My hand still feels funny. In fact, I woke up to it tingling. Tim thinks I should go back and get re-tested; even my fellow volleyball mom, who happens to be an RN/medical EMT (the ones that ride on the helicopters!) suggested I see a new neurologist. I might. But I'm so skeptical since every medical anomaly I encounter is never diagnosed (which is actually good!).

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  1. That sounds really scary! I vote for a trip to a neurologist too. I remember seeing the news about that reporter's migraine a while back and thinking how scary that must have been. I get optical migraines, but not the full headache migraines. I hope they can figure it out!