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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Born This Way?

First, my disclaimer.

If you abhor homosexual activity, stop reading.

If you think homosexuality is a sin, do not go any further.

I do not agree. And I will *never*, ever agree with you. Don't try to change me; I am happy to leave you with your ignorant views. You can never be happy when you feel that someone else is doing something that someone told you was wrong. YOU WILL NEVER BE TRULY HAPPY BECAUSE YOU WILL ALWAYS FEEL LIKE SOMEONE IS DOING SOMETHING WRONG when it is NOT WRONG AT ALL (and that will drive you crazy). How you feel IS WRONG.

So if you continued reading after my disclaimer? I warned you!

As many of you may or may not know, I love the podcast Keith and the Girl. I can't say how long I have been listening to it but it has been YEARS, like maybe five or six years?

I love this show. I almost stopped listening to it when Chemda (the "girl") and Keith announced they were no longer together, and hadn't been for nearly a year. It was surreal and strange and weirdly, had a more than serious affect on me emotionally.

But I struggled through and continued to listen. And I'm glad I did because it is still a great show.

They curse. All the time. They are liberal but not just politically...they just live in a world that fits the performance artist, comedienne, strippers, musicians, and other freaks and geeks that live in a world with monetary struggles. They are not corporate workers and have no health insurance. They do what they love to do, whatever that is, and they do it in NYC, one of the priciest places in the world to live in, even for the rich. And their lives are fascinating to listen to and relate to.

Chemda is now in a relationship with Lauren Hennessy. "Now" being loosely used since they have been together for over a year, possibly closer to two years.

And yes, Chemda is a girl and so is Lauren.

But before I knew Lauren was Chemda's girlfriend, we (KATG listeners) learned that Lauren has always been exclusively a woman type of gal. Heather Matarazzo, the star of Welcome to the Dollhouse was once Lauren's girlfriend.

Anyway, you have to know the entire year and half, from not knowing about Keith and Chemda's break-up, knowing that Chemda and Lauren were fooling around, to now to understand the gist of all of this but it's normal and not at all weird to me now.

What is fascinating was listening to Lauren come out as a transgender during the More than Meets the Eye podcast. I think I was half listening to the episode until around 15 minutes into it and later, the words that Lauren said just hit me hard in the heart (paraphrased from the podcast):

Basically I felt twisted all my life because I knew I liked girls and that was bad because I was a girl but I didn't feel like a girl and I felt as though god just fucked me and I was just given the wrong cards. Every day of my life I wake up emasculated...and every day that I can't defend my girlfriend from some guy making fun of us, I knew that wouldn't happen if I had the body I should have had...

Absolutely chilling, poignant and sad.

It's a great episode to listen to - she goes on and you can hear Keith continue to mock her, as Keith does with everyone. And better yet, check out more of Keith and the Girl podcasts. They are hilarious, eye-opening and most of all, entertaining as a true "reality" show should be.

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