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Monday, February 07, 2011

Florence Goes Cold War

So...I mentioned how much I love Florence + the Machine. Another band I love love love LOVE is Cold War Kids. Back in 2007, they were on my playlist and I recently resurrected their songs to my playlist and play their songs over and over and over.

BTW, they also have a new album out.

Anyways, I "discovered" this band from some podcast on indie music. They aren't mainstream so imagine my surprise when I looked on youtube for any recent videos off their new album to see Florence + the Machine doing their version of Hospital Beds, one of many of my favorite songs from CWK. OMG. Florence singing Hospital Beds???? It was complete heaven for me.

Here is CWK's version (remember, this is a song from 2007):

Here is the beautiful Florence:

And on a different Florence note, I found this over the weekend, another great song Kiss with a Fist and her version on a BBC show. If you read my SNL post on Florence, then you know that I think SHE IS HOT with the most amazing legs ever. Well, this video showcases how beautiful Florence's legs are and how amazing she moves in 'em:

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